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Cynergy 67

Prepare for : Assimilation

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This community is a place for the band and fans of Cynergy 67 to meet and talk. Share stories of shows. Tell us what you think of the sound, live show, etc...
Cynergy 67 is a techno/metal band who is trying to break down the barrier between electronic music and rock/metal music. There original sound and look has gotten many praises over the last few years including a recent award for Electronic album of the year for the cd "New Machine". With 500+ radio stations nationwide playing their songs and countless live shows Cynergy hopes to make a serious impact on the music scene. Signed to Digital Transmission records in 2003. The new 4 song ep "Activation" out August 2004 and will be followed by a national tour in support of it.
Cynergy has toured with bands a lot of bands including Orgy, Godhead, Society 1, Celldweller, Emulsion, High Blue Star, Diablo Syndrome, Railer, and many more.
Sponsored by Amp Energy drink from Mountain Dew, Hiptrix glowing drumsticks, Cyberoptix clothing, and more coming...

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