VX-5 (synthettica) wrote in _cynergy67,

Whats happening

So a lot is going on at the moment.
First off we will be signing with Spinerazor records out of Toronto Canada in August. The deal is worked out just waiting to sign it.
Also a lot of new endorsements.
VX-5 is now Endorsing Halo Guitars and Switch Guitars. These will be midi guitars to build up the synth set up a bit.

Evo-1 is using Switch guitars as well.

The band is now endorsing Monster picks. We will be debuting them at the show with Powerman 5000 August 12th at Big E's in Edgerton WI hopefully.

A lot more endorsements are coming but I cant reveal them until they are finalized.
Keep look out for a new release in September and be ready to call your favorite radio station to request Cynergy 67 when its released.

Thanks for the support everyone. we should have a website up and running again soon.

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