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Well, I've been having a very stable issue for the past week and a half. I've been trying to put a layout for my journal. I follow all the instructions but end up with something wrong. Any ideas?

This is the code.


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The LJ I'm trying to customize: pinkelephant42
I'm using S1, and overriding the generator layout.

1: I want the currents (mood, music, etc) at the bottom of the entries instead of the top. How do I do that?

2: I would like my userpics to display on the entries. Do you have the code for that?

3: (The most important part)
The top banner is supposed to be an image map, but none of the code I put in is working.

The code:

I already tried this.

Help, please?

ETA: also, pieces of that header image are showing up in other random places in my journal entries. I'm assuming I've got a div tag wrong, but I can't figure out where.

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Need help for a layout !

I don't know if this community is still alive but I guess I should try and ask for some help. I want this layout on my LJ. I made that layout but I don't know how to convert it into overrides or CSS. The website(canablog) use an editor to create layouts and if you turn your layout into advanced..the code is premade. So it's really easy to fuss around if you know the basics of HTML (like me). I'm wondering if anyone could help me ??? I going to fill the layout request  just in case it could help you to help me .. lol

I hope I write enough details on what I'd like to have. But like I said, I mostly need help, I'm not requesting anything. If there's a layout you allow me to fuss around until it fits my like, I'd be forever thankful !
If this was completly dumb, the mods can delete my post.
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<lj-cut text="Layout Request">

Color scheme:

Comment links text: 990000
Comment link alignment: right
Picture to use between comment links: none
Background picture: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y62/pretty_pistols/Other/Goth%20photographs/The_Red_by_escaped-1.jpg
Background picture position:: top center
Background scrolling: no repeat
Background color: 000000
Font type:Bradley Hand ITC
Font size:12
Font color:990066
Page title: Out of the shadows
Page Cursor: cross
Text Alignment: center
Link Colors:
- Unvisited:990000
- Visited:990000
- Active:990000
- Hover:990000
Link Decorations: none
- Unvisited:
- Visited:
- Active:
- Hover:
Scroll bar colors:EEEEEE outline 000000 inline
Border type: double
Border thickness: 2
Border color:EEEEEE
Entry position:Center
Entry box color:000000
Other details: none
E-mail address: verucathighs@yahoo.com

layout help please

hi, i really need help.. i can't figure out how to do the layout similar to villainrage's layout, where the journal is off to the right side and the background to the left stays when the journal scrolls down.. i need the code, any help will be appreciated..
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