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" ..call me Kitten, darling. " [24 Apr 2006|09:04pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Has anyone seen Breakfast on Pluto? I absolutely LOVE this movie!! The idiots at my local Blockbuster decided to finally start carrying it, so I rushed out to rent it and it was grreat.

For those who didn't know, it's got the gorgeous Cillian Murphy as a cheeky Irish transvestite in the middle of the Irish-British conflict sometime in the 70's. I adore Cillian, so of course I loved this movie. But even if I didn't have a girly-crush on him I would still have enjoyed it. :D


[28 Mar 2006|03:43am]

"Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being."
-Kahlil Gibran, "The Voice of the Poet"


Please check out:
Invisible Children and sign up,

and for all of you from Atlanta

thank you for your support (b&j)


[20 Mar 2006|11:34pm]

Cutting edge is using one of the most popular mediums of expression to criticise and solve our current world crisis.
Cutting edge is getting produced by a mainstream company where it will be played at Loews' all around the world.
Amazing. "V for Vendetta" not only is politically controversial, and i mean a BLATANT attack on capitalism and the bureaucratic monster it has created, but poetry.
I give it 3 thumbs up, a standing ovation, and of course, a rose.

[19 Mar 2006|07:52pm]
I watched Spirited Away last night, and it blew me away. I can completely say that I love Miyazaki, off this sole experience. The storyline and the animation were both so captivatingly rich and imaginative.

Also, I saw the IFC series Film School for the first time last night. I laughed a lot. It's so reality-tv trying to be special. I've been kinda dissappointed in IFC a lot lately.

AND Dumb and Dumber is going to be on Cartoon Network, wtf? Anyone?

New cutting edge movie! [17 Mar 2006|06:33pm]

Has anyone seen the movie "Belle Epoque"? It features an early, uncharacteristically ugly Penelope Cruz, and it's extremely funny. I caught most of it on SiTV the other day, and I LOVE it. I'm pretty sure it qualifies as cutting edge.

Intro [15 Mar 2006|08:39pm]


actors: Tadanobu Asano, Tony Leung, Humphrey Bogart, Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi, Steve Coogan, Jean Reno, Reginaldo Farias, Cillian Murphy...
actresses: Juliette Binoche, Maria de Medeiros, Sonia Braga, Beatriz Valdés...
directors: Jean-Luc Godard, Orson Welles, Terry Gilliam, Vincent Gallo, Jim Jarmusch, Mel Brooks, Alberto Arvelo...
movies: Citizen Kane, F for Fake, Dr. Strangelove, Pierrot le fou, Brazil, Una casa con vista al mar, Los amantes del círculo polar, Cidade de Deus...

[The dots just mean there is more]


movie you watched: Me and You and Everyone We Know (Miranda JUly)
foreign movie you watched: Comme une image (Agnès Jaoui)
movie viewed at a film festival: Amor en concreto (Franco de Peña)
movie you saw in theatres: Dolls (Takeshi Kitano)


movie you want to watch:
The Science of Sleep (Michel Gondry)
Running with Scissors (Ryan Murphy)
The Inner Life of Martin Frost (Paul Auster)
All Families Are Psychotic (Noam Murro)
(I need to stop or this list will take forever...)

movie you hope will bomb:
Sometimes the good ones do, which is sad. At least the good ones are usually the ones that turn into a cult. I do not wish the failure of anyone.

[08 Mar 2006|12:10pm]

actors:sean penn
actresses:meryl streep
(sorry, i'm a tad old school)
directors: will, most of them with are included on the interest section on te userinfo. but the one who stands out as the most inspring filmmaker for me would be jem cohen. he directed 'instrument', among others.
movies: anything and everything that catches my appeal (indie or not). my taste is broad.

movie you watched: last one would be broken flowers by j.j.
foreign movie you watched: i forgot teh title, i saw it on pbs a week ago...
movie viewed at a film festival: i never attend those things.
movie you saw in theatres: speilberg's munich (please don't stone me!!)

movie you want to watch: well, this may be deemed mutually acceptable in this community, but yeah, dave chappelle's block party
movie you hope will bomb: i could care less.

Mark Romanek [04 Mar 2006|10:24pm]

respected designer/filmmaker/author hillman curtis recently completed a short documentary about mark romanek for his 'new artist series.' the film was shot in romanek's home/office in october of 2005.

hillman curtis is the principal and chief creative officer of hillmancurtis.com, inc., a design studio in new york city. his expert and innovative design solutions have garnered him and his company the communication arts award of excellence, the one show gold, silver and bronze, the south by southwest conference “best use of design” and “best of show”, the new media invision bronze, a web award, how magazine’s top 10, and the webby award.

hillman was named as one of the top ten designers by the ippa, included in the “ten most wanted” by idn magazine, and as one of the “worlds best flash designers” by create online. he has appeared as the keynote and featured speaker at design conferences worldwide and his work has been featured in a variety of major design publications. hillman’s first book, flash web design (new riders, usa) has sold over 100 thousand copies and has been translated into 14 languages. his latest book, mtiv: process, inspiration and practice for the new media designer, was released in june 2002 and is currently in its second printing.

click here to watch the film
click to visit the hillman curtis website

featured an interview and clips of his past works, music videos and his film one hour photo.
Beautifully edited and directed by Hillman Curtis. ending track by Mogwai.

Tot it might be interesting to some...

[28 Feb 2006|11:53am]

[ mood | festive ]

Saw Mrs. Henderson Presents a few nights ago. The story-line was linear, and a bit shakey. All around, strong. The acting, however, elevates this film to the ranks of the best.
I recommend you all stop what you're doing, and sit back for a nice little joy ride around the lake. Cheers.


[20 Feb 2006|07:57pm]
The Magdelene Sisters

See it.

It's dark, it's depressing, it's based on fact.

Documentary [25 Jan 2006|02:59pm]
I hear Robert Altman is Directing “A Prairie Home Companion”… I just saw him in a clip from the DVD “Z Channel” does anyone know anything about that documentary?

[23 Jan 2006|08:41pm]

Ok for you movie buffs, I need help. I saw a French movie about a year ago on tv in the middle of the night. I absolutely loved it, but cant remember what it was called. Can you help? All I know is that it was about a young boy who wanted to be a girl. It had a kind of Amelie kind of theme to it. I dont know if this enough information for anyone to know what im on about, but any suggestions will be appreciated.

Underworld Evolution Movie Release Party This Saturday, January 14th [09 Jan 2006|08:42am]


[31 Dec 2005|04:08pm]

[ mood | touched ]

If anyone's interested, I wrote a review of Brokeback Mountain at my journal. It starts out very fangirly, and not professional, so bear with me. Oh yeah, and there are spoilers.


[28 Dec 2005|05:33am]



actors: Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Bill Murray, Kevin Spacey, Chris Cooper, Christopher Walken (when he was still a real actor), Dustin Hoffman (Midnight Cowboy!), Danny DeVito (I truly consider him totally undervalued, he's one of my favorites), Humphrey Bogart, Harvey Keitel, Robert Redford, Al Pacino, John Cazale, Adrien Brody, Robert Duvall, Michael Douglas

actresses: Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chloë Sevigny, Meryl Streep, Katherine Hepburn (what a strong leading lady!), Jennifer Connelly, Uma Thurman (her character in Pulp Fiction will always be one of my favorites), Ellen Burstyn, Jodie Foster

directors: Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, P.T. Anderson, Luis Bunuel, Roman Polanski, Sofia Coppolla, Francis Ford Coppolla, Quentin Tarantino (pre Kill Bill), Darren Aronofsky, Danny Boyle, Sam Mendes

movies: Lost in Translation, Death in Venice, Chinatown, Taxi Driver, American Beauty, Blue Velvet, Blues Brothers (yeah, I love this movie), Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction, D.O.A., Deer Hunter, Godfather, Goodfellas, Citizen Kane (a must on all favorite lists, right?), Mulholland Dr., Midnight Cowboy, The Royal Tenenbaums, Requiem for a Dream (I don't know why so many people hate this one), Following, Pi, Groundhog's Day, Fight Club (what a dreadfully written book, though! I've tried several times and I still can't get more than 30 pages in before wanting to kill myself out of boredom), Reservoir Dogs, Sneakers, Dog Day Afternoon, Silence of the Lambs, The Pianist, Dummy

(note: for the above, I just gave up after a while because I love so many people and films)


director: Harmony "Pretentious" Korine
actor: Quentin "Better stay behind the camera" Tarantino


movie you watched: Taxi Driver (because I love it)
foreign movie you watched: Death in Venice or "The Manhunt" (with Henry Silva), I can't remember which.
movie viewed at a film festival: I have sadly never been to one
movie you saw in theatres: I can't honestly remember, I think it was "Jarhead"


movie you want to watch: Probably the movie I got for Christmas that I haven't seen - Audition
movie you hope will bomb: Snakes on a Plane or, well, pretty much all the stupid stuff coming out

Also, I'm a regular on the web community Delirium Vault, and I have a repository of my movie reviews here: Character Culture. Currently, though, there are only seven... I should have a lot of new reviews published soon.

Warm hello's. [23 Dec 2005|09:07pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

actors: Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, C. Chaplain, Tom Wilkinson, Al Pacino, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Alan Rickman, (Sir) Michael Caine...
actresses: Frances Conroy, Rachel Griffiths, Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, Dianne Wiest, Anne Bancroft (RIP)...
directors: Terry Gilliam, M. Scorcese, F. Fellini, C. Chaplain, Woody Allen, Mike Nichols, Coen Brothers, Pedro Aldomovar, Mel Brooks (he's a staple-item)...
movies: City of God, the Birdcage, 12 Monkeys, Manhattan, Waiting for Guffman, 8 1/2...

movie you watched: Airplane I
foreign movie you watched: Baraka
movie viewed at a film festival: Puzzle-Head
movie you saw in theatres: Jarhead

movie you want to watch: Chronicles of Narnia (childhood favorite)
movie you hope will bomb: Cheaper By the Dozen (Sorry Mr. Martin)and that other comedy about over-population

And here's a thought for you all. When someone asks you what your favorite movie is, your first reaction is to think of "the Best" film, the one that is aesthetic and says the most about you. But isn't it more accurate to think of the movie that you could quote verbatim? Like, the Holy Grail or A Christmas Story (something topical).


[18 Dec 2005|05:22pm]

OK, I'm going to ask the question on everyone's mind.
Who's seen Brokeback Mountain? I'm dying to hear about it.

[18 Dec 2005|11:03pm]



actors: joseph gordon levitt, giuseppe andrews, edward furlong, josh peck, enrique murciano, gael garcia bernal.

actresses: zooey deschanel, chloe sevigny, bijou phillips, shannon sossamon.
directors: gregg araki, tim burton, giuseppe andrews, harmony korine, gus van sant, tim burton, jacob aaron estes.
movies: mysterious skin, manic, mean creek, y tu mama tambien, american history x, detroit rock city, the motorcycle diaries, cabin fever, the rules of attraction, heathers, stand by me, party monster, requien for a dream, julien donkey boy, trailer town, almost famous, city of god, footloose, the gremlins, the goonies.

movie you watched: harry potter and the goblet of fire.
foreign movie you watched: amelie.
movie viewed at a film festival: fresh fruit.
movie you saw in theatres: me and you and everyone we know.

movie you want to watch: brick
movie you hope will bomb: lassie


Propeller TV [18 Dec 2005|12:02pm]

For any members in the UK;
checkout Sky didgital channel 289 between 8pm and 1am.
It's basically a showcase for student films, and I believe that you can send in scripts/films and have them produced/shown.

[14 Dec 2005|09:56pm]

[ mood | Okay ]

actors: Bruno S., Jack Nance, Peter Sellers
actresses: Naomi Watts, Pam Grier
directors: Lynch, Greenaway, Herzog, Andrews, Korine, many many more
movies: Haxan, A Zed and Two Naughts, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, Midnight Cowboy

movie you watched: The Exterminating Angel
foreign movie you watched: The Pillow Book
movie viewed at a film festival: Never been to one of those
movie you saw in theatres: Jesus is Magic

movie you want to watch: Tetsuo
movie you hope will bomb: King Kong, Brokeback Mountain etc.


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