michelle (eleanorruby) wrote in _cuttingedge,

scott and scott productions.

actors: michael pitt, river phoenix, gael garcia bernal, tom wilkinson, erland josephson
actresses: rachel griffiths, liv ullmann, diane keaton, julie delpy, sissy spacek
directors: woody allen, ingmar bergman, rodrigo garcia, todd field, john cameron mitchell
movies: annie hall, manhattan, scenes from a marriage, wild strawberries, hedwig and the angry inch, amélie, in the bedroom, before sunset, the squid and the whale, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

movie you watched: heavenly creatures
foreign movie you watched: viskningar och rop (cries and whispers
movie viewed at a film festival: i've never attented a film festival. :(
movie you saw in theatres: little miss sunshine

movie you want to watch: grizzly man
movie you hope will bomb: saw III (i mean, what gives?)

in our senior year of high school, my friend megan and i began making no-budget films. they are always unscripted and tend to be campy, strange, amusing, and often disturbing. it's been three years since our first attempt at filmmaking, and now we have a few under our belt.

i am most proud of the one we filmed last night entitled the mischievous man (guy) with a plan, which can be found on our youtube directors' page:
scott and scott productions.

if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to speak up. however, keep in mind that our films are usually satirical (therefore, the "bad" acting and ridiculous plotlines are intentional). enjoy!
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