i am a golden god (orsonwelles) wrote in _cuttingedge,
i am a golden god

New Emo Site OPEN!

Some of you may remember the original 'how to be: emo'. Now... the website for the reimagined 'how to be: emo' is online and ready for you to check out! Its full of trailers, character & story information and 'how to be: emo' downloads. I hope a person can find themselves wanting to join the forum as well whilst they look thru the site. If you can become a part of what we are doing on the forum that would be such a great help to all our artists! On the forum you will be able to talk to all the cast and crew about the on goings of the film. A community like this might find an interest in that.

Please check it out! Thank you,


ps. You will be able to post the trailers on your websites/myspace very shortly.

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