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written by a blind first grader
Layk thiz wun taym ther wuz dis gurl nd her bf nd he wuz layk haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii secks mi or I will brake up w/ u! nd she wuz layk K! nd she ended up getting prego nd herpes nd her bf brake up w/ her nd she never had secks again. If u read dis nd don't repost it it meanz u r a cruel heartless person nd ur bf will give u herpe nd get u prego nd u will trip on ur shoelace bcuz u can't tye ur shoelaces gud bcuz u r prego and cannut c ur stomach. O ya nd ur penais will fall off. kay~*~

One of four of my OkCupid Test (try em!)

Bar Queen
You scored 40% Hot - not and 55% cool - fool!
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Your 'NOT' score: wonderful

Your 'HOT' score: top notch

Your 'FOOL' score: Fun loving

Your 'COOL' score: mid level

The title does not mean your a queen, (unless you are . . . then I stand corrected)

Its a status of granger though . . . You either go to the same bar, and never cause drama or spend a little time at a few, but you're well liked. You would be promoted to "KING" if you tipped more!(Hey, I work for tips .. everyone should tip more) *wink*


The bartenders first thoughts as you walk threw the door . . .

They like you, you may even put a smile on their face, you probably have a stool or a table that they watch for ... and probably wonder where you are when you don't show up! They might even offer you the freebies/'mistakes' with a *wink*

The hotties thoughts as you try to talk with them . . . To quote Kenny Rogers: "You rule Smokey kingdom, your septa is your wine glass . . . the bar stool is your throne."</b>


Now here's that FREE advice I promised you:

(The silly little -SAM SAYS:- threaded threw-out this test actually was a little advice already.) Well, The test scores show mid-levels ... which can mean a lot of different things. I'm guessing that you scored high in one area, then low in another. *shrugs* which just evened out to the mid levels.

So, without anything to go on ... Let's just go grab some brews!


In an attempt to make this a little more fun and entertaining I thought I'd stick with the theme of 'Cheers' and include our friend Sam and a few others from the 'Cheers' bar. Each giving there own perspective on your results (final score)

Each will chime in for different categories from your results and the finalized test scores.

Sam says: "Hail - Hail for the queen!"

Norm says: "Long live the Queen!"

Coach says: "SAM! You should be careful who you call a QUEEN!"

Cliff says: "Coach, the term queen being associated with femininity went out with ... well, that tie of yours and Sam's hair style years ago ... it's more of a 'regal terms now-a-day"

Carla YELLS: "Woo-hoo, Cliff! That was funny"

Sam says: "Now, calling Cliff 'funny' ... That has to be a term of femininity! You know, Single ... 40's ... still lives with his mother ... "

Coach says: Well, either that or a serial killer!

(Sorry, I just used filler here, as I said ... really nothing to go on)

You could go take another one of my test, it might have a more definitive result.

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This test tracked 2 variables. How the score compared to the other people's:

Higher than 20% on Hot - not

Higher than 43% on cool - fool
Link: The Free Beer & Sex Advice Test written by daHippY on Ok Cupid
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