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Cute Couples

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Engagement Pictures [July 22 2007]
We took our engagement pictures on July 8th. We were supposed to get them taken July 1, but it rained. (Boo hiss.) Anyway, we got them back a couple days ago (seems like *forever* since we were supposed to have taken them a week earlier than we did!) Here they are!

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wedding photos [May 2 2007]

Holly and I got some of our wedding pictures back.

I posted a few of them online and y'all can go look at them if you like:

Here they are!

For those of you too lazy, or just dont care... here are some of them:

I really like this one.... The photographer said he has shot several weddings at the hotel where we had ours, but that was the first time he has ever done a shot like this:

More photos..not for the dial up userCollapse )
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[April 12 2007]

In two days my beautiful fiance and myself are getting married.

Pictures when we get back from our honeymoon.

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[April 8 2007]

Im leaving,
I just wanted o say bye everyone. Take care ♥

Superlative Results? [February 23 2007]

Okay, it's been a REALLY long time since this was even mentioned, but I'm just wondering if the person who was doing the superlatives ever figured out the winners? I was just really excited about them & thought it was such a cute idea. I know that everyone is busy, but really, it's been months, lol. Just wondering :)
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xposted [March 5 2007]

So today is me and craig's 4 year anniversary!

To celebrate I have pictures of us throughout the years!

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matt & jesy [February 25 2007]

[ mood | hopeful ]

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[February 23 2007]

It's been a while guys. But here's my life at the moment:
Jeff and I started dating May of 2002.
That would be four years and nine months for thoes of you counting out there.

We've been long distance basicly this intire time.
Met in High school, in Indiana. He left for college in California. I finished high school. I went to college in Indiana. We've spent three full summers together. And that is the greatest amount of time.

He's graduated from USC now and has a real job. I'm student teaching and will graduate in May. I'm going to go to Cali for about a month and a half and live with him. Apply for jobs in Indy and Cali.

Life is moiving a little fast.
For so long I was thinking: This long distance needs to be over. And I still feel that way but now that it is almost over (possibly) my mother wants us engaged before I go visit him for the summer.
Or she wants me to return to Indiana engaged.

And she is really pushing me on this.

And we are really bad about taking pictures together. But I can remind you of who we are by using a picture from years past...oh prom 2003:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We look exactly the same. Sad? I dont know

Jeff and I dont agree. We think the logical thing would be to spend time together, live togther for a little bit and if I get a job in Cali, then talk about marriage.

What do you all think?
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Cute! [February 23 2007]


Ridiculously, annoyingly cute pictures. :)

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hi ladies! [February 9 2007]

So I need some ideas!

Alec got deployed and will be leaving soon. Right now he's training in N.C. but he gets to come home for 4 days on the 17th. I want to make him a little goodie basket with lots of stuff.

any ideas on what i should fill it with? I already have some stuff planned to go in it, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had some good ideas!

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Through thick and thin... [February 3 2007]


Hmm... that's it... that's us through the ages. It's been rough having a long distance relationship, there's been a breakup and some cheating, but we've been together too long to just let things go without giving each other a chance again. We're both working really hard now, harder than we've ever worked before... and hopefully it will pay off. 

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So it's PICTURE time!! [January 31 2007]

[ mood | tired ]

I figured I'd show you what I've been up to the past several months that I haven't been very active.

So I've finally gotten the pictures back from my 12/30/2006 wedding. There are LOTS (~83) under the cut, so dial-up beware!!!

Everybody loves the pretty pictures!!Collapse )

x-posted everywhere.

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Brendan and Toni [January 15 2007]

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Jammie and Ron [January 13 2007]

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Mod Post [January 9 2007]

[ mood | busy ]

Sorry I haven't been around. I've been really buys being a mom.


I am also looking for more help. I need another Co-Mod! Someone who is active! E-mail me kmmcdonald@hotmail.com if you are interested!


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Picture Post I Promised! [January 9 2007]


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Greg and Lauren [January 4 2007]

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[December 29 2006]

It was my 19th birthday on christmas eve.

For my birthday craig took me out to the cheesecake factory and then took me to the imax to see the polar express in 3d. I loved the whole night :D

Here are some pictures.

Merry XmasCollapse )
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Here Comes The Bride... ♥ [December 29 2006]

I have been really busy, and still haven't posted pictures yet.. but I have good news to add to the community....

I got engaged on December 16th!


HAha.. Im very excited! And When I upload my pics I'll show you the ring and stuff!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

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Helloo [November 14 2006]

[ mood | lonely ]

Its been a while since I've updated.Not really much to update seeings how Jon is still over "there".
Things were a bit rocky for a little while,believe it or not.We had some misunderstandings with eachother but after talking,ALOT we've come to realize there are things we need to work on in order to make it.So after that last month things have been great.We talk maybe 3+times a week online or on the phone.Its almost winter there so soon enough he'll have a lot of down time.Which means more time to talk to ME =0D lol.

We're only at 4 months and like 2+weeks til he is home for good.I cant wait.We've got a month until we have to go back to 'the real world' and we plan on going on vacation and:
Buying our FIRST HOUSE!!! (if all goes well)
I am so excited.

The holidays are going to be hard for the both of us and to be fair I decided to boycott the holidays so that we're both going through it at the same time.I am however sending him a HUGE carepackage with a mini-2foot christmas tree with decorations,lights,and get this a
4ft plug-in blow up snow man! haha.He's always wanted one of those and I finally found one small enough.I also made some stockings stuffed with all sorts of junk for he and his bestfriend(over there) so they can pig out and enjoy that.

I do miss him alot and some days are harder than the others.But I'm so lucky to have him.I cant wait til he comes home!

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