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_ C u R B _ x _ F u C K _ [ [ d o t . c o m ] ]

...Putt-up yer duKes, lets get down to it

x_Bite the CuRB bitch_x
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
so you think you've got what it takes to be a tru-CuRBxFuCK huh?...go ahead, try us. fill out the application listed below and post it along with [5.(five).5] photos and wait to see if you're hawtt mothah-'effin' [.CuRBxFuCK.] or ((Fuckin' kicked to the curb)) bitch.

1.All applications are required to be posted under an Eljay-cut.
2.Type "Curb Enuff?" as the subject.
3.NEVER delete a comment.
4.If you are rejected you will not complain so if you wanna start shit dont bother joining.
5.DO NOT comment on anyone elses entry unless you have been approved.
6.If rejected, you MAY try once more with new photos and a new profile.
7.If you're rejected, DO NOT delete your old profile.
8.If you're waiting to be accepted DO NOT be annoying about it or we'll ban you. (no matter how many yess's you may have) TUFF.
9.No matter what the leaders of this community always get the final decision in accepting applications.
10.Once a member you must get two other people to join or check out our site.
10.Have fun bitches...hope you dont get kicked to the CuRB !

__The Application__
::Full Name::
::Who told you about this community?::

::What the hell makes you cool enuff to be a CuRBxFuCK?::
::[5.(Five).5] things that make you original::
::What brand of make-up do you use?::
::Which song can your life relate to the most?::
::List all the web-sites you can be found on (ex: myspace, facethejury, madradhair) include usernames::
::What animal are you most like, why?::
::Whos your idol...why?::
::Have you ever made a difference in someone's life? ..explain::
::[5.(Five).5] bands you can be caught listening to::
::What is a strange obsession you may have?::

You bitches dont phase us:




::The Members::

[.[ZoE].] mrs_fishpaw


[.[Mike].] so_murderous






































[.[ChrisTopher].] lesjurons

[.[ChrisTopher].] bettythreat

[.[SamanTha].] xlovexhatedx

[.[Danielle Nichole].] xxxbluexxx

[.[CrysTen].] pinkgunmassacre

artwork credit: www.jasonshogreen.com