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Cults of Today and Yesterday

Cults: The Community
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The Community

When you think of the word "cult", the likes of Heaven's Gate and Jonestown probably come to mind. Though "cult" has a lot of negative connotations thanks to ones that carry out child abuse, sacrificial rituals, mass murders, mass suicides, and gas attacks on subways, "cult" derives from the Latin word "cultus" which means "to worship". Some cults are just started by people who have outsider philosophies and want to be among like-minded people. Also, it's worth mentioning that all of our world's largest religions started out as cults.

This community does not condone nor endorse racism, child abuse, violence, suicide, or anything else that makes some cults notorious. It was simply created to discuss cults of all kinds, because let's face it, they're interesting.

This isn't a dictatorship

1. Please stay on-topic. Do not promote your community unless it pertains to cults. I'm afraid scene rating communities don't fit that profile.

2. Feel free to post articles, websites, essays, photos, comics, art, media files, anything that has something to do with cults.

3. Feel free to start debates. Try to avoid starting any ridiculous flamewars (i.e. when it gets personal). I won't be a tyrant and delete entries/threads (unless absolutely necessary), but really, know when to draw the line.

4. This is more of a suggestion than a rule, but if someone has a viewpoint that you don't agree with, don't bother trying to call them out on it. Chances are, they are going to think the same way no matter what.
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