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Cults of Today and Yesterday [entries|friends|calendar]
Cults: The Community

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[30 Jan 2008|11:13pm]

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[20 Jan 2008|11:39pm]


Does anyone have any info about Sukyo Mahikari?? I've just come across this phenomenon, my friend turned out to be its member. I'm totally confused and would like to find out smth about it. It would be perfect if some ex-members or current members of this organisation wrote about their experience. Because I'm quite concerned about the matter...
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book [03 Jan 2008|06:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I forgot to ask in my last entry whether there were books on cults that anyone could recommend.  I'm not interested in propaganda or self-help books, but in learning about cults and cult behavior from an anthropological or sociological perspective.  (I'm attending school for anthropology and may get a double-major in archeology and sociology.)  Thanks in advance for any helpful responses.

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Hi [03 Jan 2008|09:44am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Hello, I am new.  I just created this LiveJournal account yesterday.  I am 26 years old and my family left the cult in which I was born when I was age 14.  It's something that's been on my mind a lot the last couple years because of how much it has impacted my life without my realizing it, and because I recently had some problems with people whom I thought were friends but have shown many of the same cult-like behaviors around which I was raised.

I thought that maybe joining a community like this on LiveJournal could help me work through some things and discuss some things that I don't tend much to discuss with other people.  I am not so much interested in going over my whole life in the cult as I am in learning about cult behaviors and things so that I can recognize and not be a part of them.

The cult in which I was raised was a biblical one, based on the Jehovah's Witnesses organization and founded by a former such member whom had claimed to be a resurrected prophet.  (They have a website here: The Restored Israel of YAHWEH.)  I no longer believe really anything they taught me.  I don't reject all spiritual things, but have no interest in ever being part of any organized religion, with or without formal structure.  (The recent experience I've had with people exhibiting cult-like behaviors is not that of a formally organized group, but a deliberately unorganized group which exhibits the same behaviors.)

I guess I have nothing more to say for now.  I will go and see if I can find some breakfast.

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...my god's better than your god... [24 Apr 2007|08:16am]

[ mood | devious ]

Just setting this whole bit up for the questionCollapse )

Have you ever, for whatever purpose, created your own god?

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I always thought it was rather new [09 Apr 2007|03:36pm]

[ mood | curious ]

11:18 AM 4/7/07 · Flipping channels, killing time, putting off how long it will be till I go out to go see The Reaping. On the Comedy Channel they're showing Airplane (the first one obviously) and it's that part where that all important captain is entering the airport and he's fighting his way through all the religious freaks and people with causes...

...basically a bunch of pamphlet pushers. Every airport has some variation of them.

One of them, that I believe received a double spin kick to the head, said something about scientology. While I'm aware they've been around for awhile, and I partially blame this on the fact that a recent negative spin in the news of late may be the cause of this, I've only been relatively aware of them fairly recently.

Don't know offhand when Airplane came out, early 80's or thereabouts, but just how old is scientology? When was it created exactly?

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[02 Apr 2007|04:37pm]

Great idea for a community! Is anyone else as interested in the Satanic cults of the late 60s as I am? Finding information on them is a bit difficult, but it's truly a fascinating subject.
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footsteps on the path [12 Mar 2007|08:09am]

[ mood | awake ]

Whatever your spiritual/religious belief system is, when the time comes that you pass from this Existance and go into the Next, how do you think you'll feel when you discover whatever it is you think you know as the Truth turns out not to be?

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Hello Darlings! [15 Jan 2007|09:08pm]

I'm new new here, so I don't really have anything important to say, but I just wanted everyone to know that this community is great! So useful and sweet!

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[04 Nov 2006|10:14pm]

Hello. I just joined, because I saw a History Channel show about the Ku Klux Klan. There was modern footage. I knew that there were still Klan members active and rallying, but seeing them on screen kind of woke me up. A Klan member said, "We hate N******, we hate Jews, and we hate Catholics, and we hate S****(anti-Latino racial epithet). We don't need a reason to hate them. We hate them because they exist, because they breathe."
I was so saddened by that footage, and also footage of a cross burning ceremony with small children in Klan robes.
I just wonder, how do these folks cope with that level of hatred given our multicultural society? How do they step out their door in the morning, knowing that they may have to work with minority, or cross paths with a neighbor of a different religion?
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Aum Shinrikyo [09 Aug 2006|03:00pm]

Hi. I'm new & was wondering if anyone has a link to or copy of the Aum Shinrikyo (Aum Supreme Truth) anime.
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[31 Jul 2006|03:38pm]
Hi, I'm Will and I just joined.
I tend to like bizzare fringe movements.
I'm a nontheist personally, but half of my family is Mormon. I grew up reading about the gold plates etc. etc.

I'm also currently searching for books on UFOs as Nazi weapons. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appriciated.

- Will
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Jonestown [24 Jul 2006|12:46am]

I have been doing a lot of study on Rev. Jim Jones and the Poeples Temple. i read 'Six years with God" and hoping to get more books off ebay. Has anyone got any information about this subject? i will be very much appreciated
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The Family : Looking for individuals willing to be talk [25 Jun 2006|10:31am]
I'm looking for Ex-members of The Family who are teenagers. If you are one, or know when I could interview for the paper I work for please get in touch!

Lanaluck22@aim.com or comment here.
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[23 May 2006|08:57pm]

I'm doing some research for a theatrical production concerning creation stories.

I was wondering if anyone had any info on particular creation stories taught by individual cults, which might differ from the more standard stories which we hear from the "major" religions.

Any information you're interested in sharing would be wonderful! Thanks so much.
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WTFery [29 Apr 2006|09:23pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

Do Goreans qualify as a cult or are they still protected under the label of Alternative Lifetstyle?

For those that don't know what Goreans are, they are freakazoids, much like our scientology friends; whom also follow the certifiable teachings of a poorly-skilled scifi writers.

Only instead of silent births and purification rituals, they believe in enslaving women.

What are your thoughts?

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True Salvation® [03 Apr 2006|07:35am]

Have you heard the good news of the love of our one true lord and savior Jesus Christ?
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Landmark Education [16 Feb 2006|03:51pm]
Greetings... I have two friends lost to Landmark Education (well, one of them is slowly slipping and not totally lost... but she's on her way).

Anyone care to discuss???

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my intro [11 Feb 2006|08:42pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hi. My name is Michael Fleischmann and I was raised in a cult. As stated in my profile, my family lived in Florida for 12 years, with a crazy woman (let's call her "Vicki"). I talk about it in detail in my LJ community, it's listed in my "Website" info. I'll post a few tidbits here once in awhile.

After reading up on the subject, I had discovered that our life was like living in a cult, with Vicki (the woman) as the leader. We moved down there in 1985 (I was nine) and I got out around 1997, when we came to Michigan. I'm going to post a few details when I get free time, but here's the basics of what we dealt with.

1. Therapy. Everyone needed it, according to the woman, and everybody had a dysfunctional family and needed counseling.. oh yeah, and every family had at least one or more relatives who were molested.

2. Suicide. Nobody did it, but I can guarantee that every one of us were suicidal, more than once. That is, everybody except the woman and her family. That's how bad it was to live with her.

3. Money. Everyone had jobs, and gave money to her for bills.. though I suspect she kept a little for herself. Hmm. I don't recall her having a job for too long. Also, our family rarely, if ever, had anything in our name. The house, the cars.. they were mostly in Vicki's name, or someone in her family who lived with us. There were also the times when I was "charged" for doing something wrong.

4. Religious brainwashing. We were taught that unless we were Christians, we would go to Hell. And if we didn't want anybody else to go, we had to "witness" to them or else. We could not be friends with anyone who wasn't religious. We didn't go to church much, so we had "services" in the home, with the woman as the top pastor. The home was church.. according to her, we were the only true church, the only real "saved" people in the world. Also, she acted as if she had a direct line to God, as if He vocally told her stuff (for example, "God" told her we should pay her money).

5. Exorcism. Actually, it was called "deliverence." If we caused problems.. and if therapy, counseling, interrogation, religion didn't work? Well, then we were obviously possessed by a demon. Which means, we needed deliverence. It was crazy. I'll go into detail about this in another post.

6. Hot Seat. Ah yes, the hot seat. Our cult didn't have a name, probably because the woman (and everyone else) didn't think it was a cult, and they hate it when I use that word now. They always referred to us as a "family." Strange, isn't that what Charles Manson called his followers? Hmm. So, I call it the "hot seat cult." Here's why. Whenever we were in deep trouble, we would be in the hot seat. We sit in a chair, at a table. Everyone else would surround you. Then.. they ask questions, yell, interrogate. Twist your words, put their own words in, twist what you say, jump on every word. Everything is questioned. And if, by the end, therapy and interrogation didn't work.. well, you needed "deliverence." Oh, and you better answer quickly. If you paused or anything, you were I denial, censoring, witholding information, or a demon was keeping you from talking.

I know it's a lot of crap. It went on for 12 years. I'm going to post more later.. a lot more. Details. I also plan on writing a book series about my life in Florida.

- Mike

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LaRouche [25 Jan 2006|01:27pm]

Anyone know anything about the LaRouche Youth Movement? There are some of them on my campus, and it's pretty irritating.

I know this isn't religious in nature, so some might not consider it a cult. However, if you just replaced "LaRouche" with "the Prophet" or something, it would match the criteria perfectly.
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