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well ok imma tell you a lil bout this community that im having kay?

This is ALL about pitbull, and NO NOT THA DOG!!! for those who dont no who pitbull is hes a rapper!! and i love his music!! :-) he has songs out called "Toma" "Culo" and "shake" which is with tha ying yang twins... I will try to get a picture of Pitbull up and runnin asap!!!! oohhh and again, for those who dont no who he is he is also either cuban/spanish..and his latest cd that was out is "M.I.A.M.I" well imma post some rules up..that i woule like all of you to follow if you are goiing to join..


1.DONT TALK ABOUT THA DOG PITBULL!!! BECAUSE THIS ISNT ABOUT THA DOG!!!! 2.dont start alotta drama in here! i wont take it kay ;-)


....well thats all for now haha...im not a very rule-ey person ya no? ha..well i hope you join!! and ill keep ya posted and ill add some Pitbull lyrics up so you can get a vibe of thangs kay??


 Hope ya Join!!*

and for those who also want to see muh journal its...



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