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welcome to muh blok*

Hey! well after i watch my block *M.I.A.M.I* i thought i should tell yall where im from im from ugh i dont even wanna say iit "OHIO!!!!!!!" yuk but hey its muh blok so im repersetiin!! damnit im tryin to think of sumtiin good to say bout ohio hmm but thurs nothin that comes to mind..its just like ugh one of those no one comes to states lmao! i wanna b somewhere like idk where alotta ppl are idk like NEW YORK!! i wanna go thur oohhh sooo badly!! and omgosh i would love to go somewhere outta tha country (just for a lil..i love tha USA!! lol) wow im totally speach less about ohio lmao!!! umm well imma try to put it into words umm....it has a good carnival in tha city where i live..lol...(except tha fact that they mite not have it next year because of gang like actions ...a riot started..hehe..not are fault that some otha cities had to mess wiit myne!) i hope they still have tha carnival tho its tha best it just oohh soo much funn! and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....in some cities they have really really pretty house :-) like umm beach wood..i think thats tha pretty one lmao or umm damn wat is tha one thats really nice i get it confused wit tha ghetto city lmao its one of these BedFord or Brecksville..one of those lmao if i could only remember lmao!! well i live in a good place..i mean it aint no mansion house or shyt bout hey im livin a normal life style got alotta problems goiin thru muh city rite now like Levys aint Passiin..and we mite not have sports n shyt.. i hope we have basketball its wat i live for!! and umm wat else to b said bout ohio lmao..UMMM its next to PA?? lmao!! haha..nawnaw i gotta start talkiin good bout ohio now ummm lol...tha kids in ohio are tha future so yall otha bitches watch out!! lmao riiiittttteee ha! naw im just playiin wit yall...some kids here are just straight up dumbasses! im telliin ya! like yea kids in muh skool get into fites for no reason once so ever!! like omgosh its gay! im telliin you they get into stupid fites like a kid talkiin shyt bout me....(BUT...they dont even got fukiin proof of itt half tha tyme they wrong! lol) but hey im good wit alotta ppl i try to stay outta all tha drama as good as i possibly can!! i love Ohio even tho it can b a drag n all but hey its all good ya no?? lol..umm well i just wanted yall to no bout muh blok iight? well gimme a holla and tell me bout ur blok ight?!! mayb ill post em on here and then like everyone can no bout it? if its cool wit yall ha sounds like a good idea from me!! haha iight im out peace*

Love Always
Queen of Ohio...?? ha sure why not lmao
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