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Sorry i havent been writing!

Hey guys!! Wats good? nada here im sorry i havent been writing busy lately...soo idk iif you guys watched MTV thqa otha niite wen they were doiin umm wat is it called "My block...Miami" well ya of course Pitbull would b on thur so i was waitiin to see him lol...so it was a commercial so i go to tha potty and i come out n hes on!! I WAS LIKE AHHH I MISSED SOME!! lol..so ya him and w.e that otha dudes name was were in a restaurant n it was soo cute cuz Pitbull was like "hey im a lil offended you havent touched your food" im like awwwwwwwwwww !!! lol hes sooo cute lmao...i love how he talks ha..ahh ive been lookiin at pictures of him so now i got lots n lots n lots!! lol!! umm here imma put some on here if they WORK lol..ahhh im tryiin to do this myspace thingy for muh friend cuz on muh otha diary on bloop it looked wayyy betta than muh community one so she wanted me to do her myspace and ugh its soo different and confusiin!! DAMNIIT lol..ahhh skools in a lil! yuk lol..but ya toniite imma see if that miami thing is on again so i can see Pitbull :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol..well heres tha pictures i hope they work! if they dont just leave a comment and ill email you them kay :-)




well i hope these work but like i said if they dont i got more so leave me a comment n ill email you some :-)

Lots of Love
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