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okay, so cueshe's new album is coming out this month and you can pre-order it and get tickets to their album launch on the 15th to be held at robinsons galleria.

here's the poster (click it for the pre-ordering details):

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so go order! :D


Cueshe went to our school last Friday during the battle of the bands and they are really cool and I must say ASTIG....
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Band Profile

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Cueshé takes a bold step into the capital and spills out their guts in a “rock and roll” kinda way.

This band of 6 adventurous young men have managed to break into the mainstream music scene and maneuvered their way into the capital from their hometown Cebu, betting no less than their lives on this dream.

This dream is now their debut album christened Half Empty, Half Full, and is released under Sony-BMG Music Entertainment. Featuring 11 original tracks, these songs are stories culled from their lives experiences. Its themes interplay melancholy, introspection and transcendence. Perhaps one may find comfort in their songwriting, as it is personal, deep and honest. Their sound is masculine and aggressive, rooted on their rock and alternative influences. It owns up to its pain and angst yet it holds its head high and does not succumb to melodrama. At times it is playful, yet mature like boys trying to be men, or men, who will always, be boys.

It was in Mach 2005 when the band took a leap of faith and moved to Manila to jumpstart a fulltime music career. With nothing more than a demo at hand they proceeded to strike a deal with BMG Records Pilipinas who rushed them to the studio just days from their arrival. And two months after that, they hear their 1st single, Stay, pounding the airwaves.

One may be lead to believe that lady luck had so much to do for these guys, but the band traces its roots back to five years ago when the group 1st got together. “we’ve been through a lot” they say dismissing their story as cliché and prosaic.

And like their name, which seems to be odd, they tell us: Cueshe’ (pronounced as Q-shay) comes from the banana cue. “We thought of it as a novel idea to come up with a band name from such an ordinary snack food. We used to eat a lot of that after band rehearsals when we stared.” They reveal. They blow their cover on the name, which to some sounded slick and classy.

Cueshe is composed of Jay Justiniani on vocals, Ruben Caballero on vocals and guitar, Jovan Mabini on lead guitar, Jhunjie Dosdos on keyboards, and song writers Fritz Labrado on bass and Mike Manaloto, drums.

Where Cueshe will be rocking


25 Bar Gig - Araneta Coliseum (MTV Awards)
26 7:00 PM - St. Scholastica RT event
26 11:00 PM BAR Gig - PHI Bar, Ortigas - K-lite event
27 10:00 PM - People Center, Balanga Bataan
30 11:00 PM - Padi's Point Caloocan
31 11:00 PM - Padi's Point Metropolis