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CSS: Cascading Stylesheets Post your questions, tips, tricks, findings, etc. that pertain to CSS.

Colored scrollbars are not supported by most browsers and this community. Please do not ask how to "fix them".


The Usual

  • Do not spam. All spam will be deleted.
  • Feel free to watch silently. Just make sure that you make an introductory post when you join.
  • Harassment, flaming, racism, sexism, etc. is not acceptable.
  • Before you post, check out the memories to see if your question has already been answered.
  • If your entry is excessively long or contains more than five images/images that are more than 320x320 pixels each please use the lj-cut.


  • This is not a livejournal layout community (Try everything_lj). There are other communities for that. This is specifically for CSS.
  • CSS questions only (and probably some web standards). Others may be deleted or left unanswered as it is not the priority for this community.
  • Before asking why your style sheet does not work:
    1. Check Dave Shea's CSS Crib Sheet, CSS Problem Solving, Web Credible: IE and CSS issues.
    2. For a quicker response, clarify. Provide HTML+CSS samples, and screencaptures (Don't forget to lj-cut it!), browser type, etc.



The moderators and most members of this community are believers of web standards. We will give advice following webstandards. However, if you request something that is not within the W3C Guidelines, we will answer your question to the best of our knowledge. If this is the case, we'll explain why that particular method is not recommended.

Please do not be offended if we pick apart your code and tell you to "fix this" or "fix that". Many browsers will act funky if you do not use standard-compliant code. We do not expect you to code XHTML Strict, but we highly recommend it. Usually, this will fix your problem before hacking the CSS will.


First, read Help! My CSS Isn't Working!

You should understand the basics such as CSS Box Model [Flashy version] and why it behaves strangely (like: my sidebar was shifted down!) and how to tackle it safely.

On learning XHTML/HTML a good place to start is SimpleQuiz, that serves as a good place to learn about semantics and avoid yourself from being a future div mania.

To understand CSS selectors (the one that selects which page segment it will styled), a good place to learn is the Selectutorial.

More over, if you're an absolute beginner, we suggest you try the tutorials in HTMLdog.

Shall you need it, here's one of those CSS cheat sheet.