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hello. i have a problem with my community's layout. take a look >>> foodicontest <<< i'm concerned about the look of entries, the icon is touching the text and it looks awful. i was wondering if it's possible to simply hide the icon & username, leaving more space for the text. i have no idea how to do it. could you help me?

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I'm trying to get this table/border to wrap around certain sections of my journal. The code is as follows:

style type="text/css"
table table table table table {
border: 2px dashed #FFFFFF;

I took out the "< , >" So it would appear.
How come it's not working?


Hey guys! 

I just changed my layout to a default one on LJ. Check it out http://44seconds.livejournal.com! However, I'm used to posting my images and videos in the width of 640px. I would love to widen my entry but I'm not sure of the coding for it. 

Can any of you help me out?

Thanks in advance! Would really appreciate it! :)
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Hi, guys :) I'm new to the CSS scene and I really need some help cause I really want to do something in this forum that I'm in :)

Since the layout is CSS I think it's okay to post it here? I think :S

But anyway, I'm having troubles with this and I don't know maybe its because its a forum that I can't do it but as you see on the pictures below, I'd like to put the submenu on the very top of the page like on the second picture.

Can anyone help?
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heyah! i was just hoping if someone could kinda give me some tips on how to edit css. like those font sizes, etc.
i want mine to be all color blue and the fonts are georgia and arial for the entries.
or better if someone could give me css codes so i could edit them. please? thanks guys! i really have no idea on this :)
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Hi everyone ! I hope some can help me out !

This involves a Joomla theme that I edited. I managed to replace the header banner and the background image and it all looked fine. My co web mistress wanted to have a smaller header so I did a bit of resizing.

Now the problem is there's a big gap between the header and the content part.

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I would love for the header to be right on top of the content module. How can I adjust this ?

SOLVED !! \o/
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Size of the entry box

 Hi, I'm still kind of new to whole CSS department and I tried to fix the problem myself, but in vain.
My problem is, hopefully I can explain it properly, that on my comm, the header is bigger than then entry box. The header size it perfect, however, I'm not sure how to fix the size of the entry box so that it matches with the header; I want both the header and the entry box to be aligned.

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