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Crystal Village

Dome please

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Crystal Village is the best rating community ever.
First 5 members to join who don't utterly blow are accepted.

Some rules to fizzolow:

1. join first, apply within 24 hours.
2. if rejected, you must leave the community as soon as you find out.
3. don't be an ass.
4. until accepted, no voting/commenting on other apps or posting.
5. put app behind an lj-cut or you're automatically rejected and we'll delete your app.
6. answer everything in the app, or don't bother.
7. finally, to be accepted, the vote must be a unanimous yes.

-Use these stamps if you're the last decision on an app. -

where do you live:
name 10 of your favorite bands, and really your favorites, not what you think we want to hear:
ten favorite movies - same rule applies:
promote the community and put a link here:
2 favorite books(literacy is optional around here):
2 concerts you've been to this year:
favorite lyrics and why:
most annoying thing about people in general:
in EXACTLY 54 words, sum up your likes and dislikes:
any illegal activity lately:
interesting run ins with the fuzz:
tv shows you watch religiously:
what's in your cd player right now:
the most interesting thing about you:

post pictures of yourself only if you want to, it doesn't matter- they can be photoshopped who cares.

promoting the community is the easiest thing ever - go to any other communities you're in and say JOIN THIS COMMUNITY and put a link. so do it dont be an idiot.