Crowe Fanmix: A Journey Through Two Seasons

Fanmix: Dark Eyes
By: Twinb80
Show: Carnivale
Fandom: Justin & Iris Crowe
Tracks: 18

Notes: bluerosefairy please let me know if this is too much or not allowed?

I finally figured out how to use Photobucket with it's effects. Right now they are just individual links. I tried uploading it as a zip and wouldn't you know it - the file was too big. *blushes*

Credit and comments are hugged loved and welcome. :)


Dark eyes, burning eyes / Frightful and beautiful eyes / I love you so, I fear you so For sure I've seen you at a sinister hourCollapse )
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Fic: "Damnation"

Hello, I'm new.
I just started watching Carnivale a few weeks ago and I really hope this comm isn't dead. Justin/Iris is awesome.
Anyhow, I wrote a Justin/Iris ficlet for the porn battle.

Title: Damnation
Author: smercy aka arenotvalid
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Justin/Iris
Summary: 7 things that Justin Crowe probably did not do.
Link: here
here comes trouble :)
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J/I song :)

Hey all :) Unfortunately I don't have any fic to post but I thought this might lift your spirits a bit. It's a really beautiful song by The Tragically Hip, download it if you can :)

Lake Fever
The Tragically Hip

We can take a bit of a breather
We can skip to the practical part
We can skip to the time of neither
When we're together, even when we're apart
Tell you a story about the Lake Fever
or we can skip to the coital fury
You didn't say yes or no neither
You whispered hurry

We can take it a little bit further
We can skip to the after-effects part
Not trying to make you a believer
Don't want a little piece of your heart
Just telling you a story about the Lake Fever
or we can skip to a neutral fury
You didn't say yes or no neither
You whispered hurry

Wanna be a nobody without peer (hurry)
Wanna be a thought that's never done (hurry)
Wanna shake your faith in human nature (hurry)
Wanna break the hearts of everyone (hurry)
Wanna be your wheezing screen door
Wanna be your stars Algonquin
Wanna be your roaring floorboard
Wanna break the hearts of everyone
and cause discontent
Until they, ceasing their investigation,
bring back the days' events, good citizens
and time well-spent
Till we're talking in whispers again,
Till we're talking in whispers again
[You whispered hurry]

I'd also suggests you guys check out "neko case" I don't know why but her stuff laways reminds me of Justin and Iris. Plus it's just very pretty :)
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An unfortunate modly post

Hey girls, this is Drea here, with an issue we need to address:

As some of you may know, pornish_pixies and other communities have been deleted by LJ. This was due to a group calling itself Warriors for Innocence contacting Six Apart, the company that runs LJ, and raising a fuss about how SA and LJ both supported "kiddie porn" and "child molestors" by allowing journals and communities with interests like "incest", "daddy kink" and "kiddie porn". The users and comms were given NO WARNING before their journals were deleted, and there is no way to retrieve the entries.

We got trouble, kids, right here in River City Livejournal. If WFI gets ahold of your userinfo or interests list, and it's got "incest", "porn" or anything like that on it, you may find your journal deleted. I don't know if this comm will be exempt, so I am asking ALL authors for two things:

1) PLEASE back up your work on your own hard-drive/archives. I would hate for anyone to lose anything because of these idiots.

2) If anyone knows of a website with free domain names and space where I can set up a permanent archive (rowforshore has one, but she's the only one who can edit it, and she's frequently MIA) for us CroweHousers, please email me or comment.

Most of the journals/comms affected seem to be within the Harry Potter fandom (as it's a magnet for the crazies), but I have no idea how long this will go on. Please do yourself a favor and be careful what you put into your profile. What may just be a fandom reference or pairing joke may be taken seriously by these people.

Sorry I have to do this, but it seems the batshittery knows no bounds.

(Who will break out the glowy black eyes if anyone deletes this comm)
You lookin' at me?

I'm new here. May I have a glass of lemonade?

I've been working on a J/I piece with an additional character of my own.  It has become huge.  And it pretty much reads like porn.  I can't even say it's tasteful porn.   Is that something I could post here?  Are there restrictions on the amount/type of sexual action in a story?

It's been a long time since I've been to LJ.  Can I post a 20-something page Word document behind an LJ cut or will I need to host it somewhere else and use a link?  Since it's so (ahem) dirty, I've been having a hard time finding a place that will host a document that's basically porn.  Any ideas?

Another thing -- I've been working on this thing for months now and, once I found this place and read the posted stories, I realized mine has a lot of similar elements.  I'm amazed at the number of things I have in my piece that are the same as stories I didn't read until mine was basically finished.  Seems that those of us who (still) enjoy Carnivale and those of us who are intrigued by the J/I relationship might think alike?

Fanfic: I finally wrote something new. Yay. :)

Title: Sister Dew
Pairing: Iris / Rose / Justin
Author: Twinb80
Rating: PG 13, I guess
Disclaimer: All your bases belong to Daniel Knauf. And HBO. Except my original characters.
Summary: To get here we must know where we started from.

A/N: Forgive any grammar mistakes, as I wrote this spur of the moment.
Feedback is loved, hugged and called Happy Doby Dance :)

Love was never meant to be such a crazy affairCollapse )
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