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_crossoverpairs's Journal

Anime Crossover Pairings
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Hello and welcome! We're a community devoted to crossover pairings in anime. All animes and all ships are welcome. We like fanfiction, we like fanart, and we don't bite unless we smell your fear.

What is a crossover? It's the romantic/sexual pairing of two characters from different fandoms; in this case, pairing someone from one anime with someone from another anime/book/television show/ect. If this idea squicks you, this isn't a good place to be.

We have a few rules. This is not because the maintainer and the moderators hate you. It's just to keep peace in the community. (Don't worry, we're not nazis; the first time you break a rule, you'll probably just get a warning.)

1. Please place fanart, icons and graphics behind an lj-cut if you're posting more than two images. If you don't know how to lj-cut, go here. Posting icons made by someone else is permitted, but you must have their permission and NO HOTLINKING!

2. R- and NC-17-rated images are accepted, but must be placed behind an lj-cut (even if there's only one or two) with a warning.

3. Fics should be placed behind an lj-cut, even if there's only one. There are two exceptions to this -- posting a drabble (which is 100 words or less) or posting a link to a fanfic archived somewhere else.

4. R- and NC-17-rated fics/links to fics are accepted, but again, a warning must be attached.

5. Bashing is not allowed. Of course, "bashing" does NOT mean saying you don't like a certain character/pairing and stating why, nor does it include mildly poking fun at something. Bashing, in the context of this community, is defined as gratuitous, constant and usually mean-spirited attacks on a character, pairing or other member.

6. Slash, shounen-ai/yaoi, shoujo-ai/yuri and threesomes are accepted. It is highly suggested but not required that you warn for same-sex content.

7. Crossover pairings in which one member is from an anime fandom and one is from a non-anime are permitted and so are crossover pairings in which neither member is from an anime fandom. However, "real person" content is NOT.

8. Respect each other. You're allowed to disagree/debate with someone, but please, keep it civil.

9. Have fun! :D

Maintainer: hushpuppie_
Moderators: hushpuppie, alexi_serenitia