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The cross gender community.

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This is a community for those who are cross gender. What is cross gender? (cross gender disorder, gender identity disorder) Cross gender is a male or female who feels as though they should have been born the opposite sex. It doesn't matter if your gay, straight, bisexual. Feel free to speak your mind here, feel comfortable and lets discuss issues about being cross gender.

A special discount for _crossgender community members only!

1) I will not tolerate any discrimination, especially not homophobia. Anyone calling anyone names will be kicked out of this community immediately.
2) Anything cross gender even distantly related is fair grounds for discussion (even ads for things that are relevant are ok).
3) Both boys and girls are welcome.
4) Please introduce yourself once you join.
5) You don't have to be 100% sure your cross gender to join, or you can join if your not cross gender--you just like to cross dress or your androgynys. You may even join if you're a fan of celebrity cross dressers.
6) Gay, bisexual, straight...any sexual orientation is welcome. Infact I encourage a diversity of sexualities so that we can learn and accept other life styles. I encourage advice from anyone.


I encourage everyone to get as comfortable as they can. I know being cross gender my self I feel really isolated, and talking to someone who can relate helps!

If you have LONG stories or large pictures to post, please use a "L J Cut":
<*lj-cut text="Read more..."*>Your long story here.<*/lj-cut*>
Remove the stars before you use the code.

The moderator: My name is Becca (my "boy name" is David Beck) and I am the moderator of this community. I created this community because I really felt like I needed someone to talk to about this. Like a lot of us, sometimes friends and especially parents don't understand. They automatically assumed I am queer or have mental problems...because I am cross gender. I also wanted to hear other crossgender's stories. I would say my main "crossgender heros" are David Bowie and Annie Lennox. I feel much more comfortable in men's clothing, with short hair and I have no interest in acting feminine. I am aggressive and dominant. I like both boys and girls but prefer boys as of now. I'm lucky in a way, my looks can go either way, boy or girl. So I don't have difficulty transitioning back and forth. My voice is masculine as well, and I get called Sir very often on the phone. So I made this community for us, proud boys and girls! See my myspace!

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In memory of Gwen Arajuro

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