A Long over do message from the Admin!

Hello lovely people of this Livejournal community,
I'm the Admin, Becca. I haven't logged in to Livejournal in almost 5 years. I guess I lost interest in LJ. Well I never lost interest in the topic and would love to keep the community going if I knew there were enough people. I don't even know whats up with LJ these days it's been so long.

A lot has happened of course. I am now openly trans and have been performing drags shows with The Rebel Kings http://www.rebelkingsoakland.com/

I'd love to hear from you guys!
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Hey all, I just joined this community today, so I'm a newbie.

A little about me:

My name is Charles, I'm 19 years old, and I live in San Diego, California.

For the most part I'm an average dude, someone aspiring to make it into the heavy metal scene.

But I've got a side to me that my close friends aren't surprised of, and would surprise some through first impressions. I love to crossdress! I go all out for crossdressing in my clothing and make-up (I could touch on my somewhat thick eyebrows though) and I already have a rather androgynous appearance, and I've been called "miss" or "ma'am" in stores and public. I take big pride in that. I'm also very feminine in areas of my personality, and that's really brought out when I'm dressed in drag.

I'm very proud to play both a male and female when I can! Haha XD

Here's a little treat for you all if you can call it a treat: A few pictures of me in costume from this Halloween! Perhaps if I get a good response, I'll post more pics up in future entries! I don't have many "sets" of photos, but many photos from "sets" haha.

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Hi, I'm Lia. This community looks nice, so I figure I should say hello.

You might call me a "beginner", I've only just started figuring out how to solve all the problems that come with being myself. Not just things like relatives not believing me, but also problems like shaving with water causing an allergic response... and you know how unfeminine the result of electric looks. And then there's the issue of getting reliable information - what will HRT do and not do? One says one thing, another says the opposite.

So, about me. I'm in my 20s, been more or less aware for a long time, but mostly ignored it. I valued finding a girlfriend above looking like I should, and figured not many girls would be interested in dating real me. Well guess what, they're not interested in confused fake guys either :P .

I'm so lucky to have a face that could easily pass as female, and in the right clothing my skinny figure would work as well (no anorexia, I'm desperately trying to gain weight actually).

I guess I should stop writing before I throw my whole soul out in this post.

hugs for all,



Are you a significant other of a crossdresser or a crossdresser who wants advice from significant others of crossdressers? Then check out my new community cd_signots. I created this community because there are loads of communities for crossdressers, transgendered, and polygendered people, but not many that are just for the significant others. If you know someone who might be interested in this community, please let them know.


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Okay, so the other day I was at Subway in full femme mode - pink blouse, had a skirt, had a purse - and the one Subway person is talking to the other one about this tricky problem with my rewards card and my cash card, and the one girl keeps using the "he" and "his" pronouns in reference to me. Okay, I get it: I sound masculine. But for cryin' out loud, I'm wearing a dress, have a pink blouse on, and wearing pink socks, and I have a purse. Could you please use the right fucking pronouns? You know, "she" and "her"?

I was feeling too shy to say anything about it, but I was very annoyed.