January 24th, 2006


From the founding editor of "N+1"

The problem with Benjamin Kunkel's Indecision is that it goes on for ten pages longer than necessary and makes the egregious mistake (in this case) of having a happy ending.

Other than that, I'd recommend it if you're feeling somewhat cut adrift and questioning what your life is worth and where you might possibly be going.  Very philosophy-heavy with a light touch, Kunkel's protagonist Dwight has been pfired from Pfizer (and isn't exactly sorry to see the dead-end job go), is involved with a girl he thinks may love him (uh oh) and is plagued by an inability to make even the simplest decisions.  With the approach of his 10 year prep school reunion, he knows a change has to be made.  Included are one kind of predictable pharmaceutical hoax and a very interesting scene of five friends taking ecstasy the night before September 11th.

It's a mind-bender, that's for sure.  Recommended.