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My bike and trailer were stolen a few days back while I was bed-ridden with pneumonia. It was the only mode of transport for me, th'kiddo, and all our necessities. I'm raising funds to help cover some small portion of the replacement costs. Most of the $500 - 1000 it will cost me will be going on credit, regrettably. My finances have been very tight for some time and I don't know how I'm going to pull this off so suddenly.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to personally thank anyone for their help and someday repay you or compensate in some way. Please help only if you truly can. I feel awful even asking so if this is out of line let me know. You are number one on your list okay.


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Below is a picture of the stolen bike, put to good use as you can see ...

... Support environmentally sound forms of transportation.

The fund works through PayPal secure donations and is open to any amount large or small. If you can't, no worries and bless you too. Here's another way to help and it only costs a click of the mouse.

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Thank you All!

PS: Here's a Little Something for Everybody. It's a link to a spoken word piece with Lee Perry I recorded and uploaded that everyone should listen to every now and then. Full of advice, humour, nostalgia, and sentiment, all backed up with soulful music.
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Start Be-Ing Bicycles!

Today, I write about an ongoing frustrating occurance on the roadway. The purpose shall be to gain insight from others in the form of comments to this post, but also to spread awareness to drivers about their responsibility to share the road and ...Start Seeing Bicycles!

Time and again I run into the situation of riding a sidewalk due to the absence of a bike lane and being cut off by drivers pulling into the street (but not quite) and blocking the sidewalk while they wait to enter traffic. It is required by Oregon traffic law for anyone entering the road to stop before crossing the sidewalk and allow users of the sidewalk to pass by before pulling forward. All three of my collisions have occured this way and it is in at least my community against the law, but they'll never get a ticket for it.

While I was taking my daughter to the park last week (in a trailer), I was blocked by a woman coming out of a Wendy's drive-thru stopped on the sidewalk and having her kid run back inside to get some catsup. I couldn't get around with the trailer so I confronted her politely at her window and she said sorry. I got out of the way for her to back up, but she simply remained in place, as if to tell me where to shove it. I got upset but tried to calmly explain to her that I was trying to get my daughter to the park to play and that I had no stop sign and that she was not supposed to be stopped there by law. She completely ignored me so after several minutes I exploded and yelled at her while taking a detour against drive thru traffic around the building.

This was an infuriating event but it won't be the last I am quite certain. Are there any suggestions on how to deal with another similar confrontation? And how can one deal with drivers who pull on to the rapidly and come close to running me over or slamming my brakes. Any suggestions from riders or drivers alike. We share the road so we can share the input.

Also, a new law in Oregon requires a car passing a bicycle at over 35 miles per hour must maintain enough room between them and the cyclist that in the event the cyclist tipped over, there would be no danger of a collision. I don't know why a speed limit is assigned to this but it's progress. Keep in mind that a person is taller than usual when riding a bike so this distance is increased.

Just for more information's sake I'd like to point out that bicycles are required to ride ONLY as far right as is prudent. Potholes, glass, gravel, wet leaves and other road hazards cannot be so easily seen by motorists so it is important to give plenty of room in passing, especially inexperienced riders who may wobble and have trouble guaging time, speed, and distance and suitable maneuvering to employ. 

For details on this new law and others, take a look at the new driver's manual at: The rule I speak of is on page 76. I personally believe people should read this more often as it is occasionally revised and it is clear to me that many road users do not follow the rules. It might be a bit harsh but I think it would help to require recertification on the knowledge test oh let's see, every 10 years or so.

One more thing ... It is necessary and lawful when crossing any lane of traffic (including bike lanes and sidewalks) to be sure that there is no oncoming traffic or pedestrians behind (especially, right turns) or in front (esp. left turns). I have had many close calls as a result of people ignoring this law. I have learned that I must always assume that nobody can see me (defensive driving) but it is a major inconvenience and a terror that we could all do without. At seven years old, I was told and remember to this day that "just because you may be in the rite, you can still end up dead.
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hi there, i am new to the group and had a general question

I was wondering what peoples opinion of this is. I saw a bike/car collision the other day and was wondering whose fault it would be

There was a car that came to a stop sign at a one way road. they glanced to the right and then focused there attention to the left which was the direction of traffic. the other lane of traffic is seperated by streetcar tracks. there is a bike lane on both sides of the road, one for east bound bikes, the other for west bound. the bike that was hit was riding on the sidewalk the opposite way of traffic. who would be in the wrong in this situation? would it be the car that hit the cyclist or the bike that was not using the proper bike lane but going the wrong way and on the sidewalk?

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i am moving to the city in the fall to start college, I will be in either new york or chicago.
I am a little worried because I have never done any bike riding in the city. I live in a very rural area so I think the change will be pretty abrupt. Is there anything I should know about? and what kind of bike should I invest in?
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hey new yorkers...

Time's Up! Bike Lane Action
3:00pm, Wednesday December 12th

Time's Up! will do an action to commemorate the death of 63-year-old cyclist, David Smith, one week ago and call attention to the unsafe conditions in the 6th Avenue bike lane.

For more details of the action email or meet at 3:00pm at Greeley Square Park at 6th Avenue (between 32 & 33th street).

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Dear maintainer of this community,

I'm a new member and I suggest adding "unicycle" to this community's interests. The ride in Manchester last month of around 70(?) people included two of our one-wheeled folk!

xx xx