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 Hey all, small favour to ask. I've been looking for a sad userpic for my emotion based userpics, but have yet to find one I like - I was wondering if anyone could point me to some sad expression Crisis core Icons? Sephiroth Cloud or Zack sadface would be the best, but any you could find would be amazing (I'm more than happy to credit.) Thank you in advance.
Lazard keeps his pimp hand strong

Dialogue file rips

Just extending an offer I made over at crisis_hardcore to rip dialogue files from the English version of the game. I already converted all of Lazard's dialogue and am willing to take line requests. A few notes though -

1. I can only do dialogue from real-time rendered scenes. No sound effects, music, or anything included in a movie file. (Don't think you're getting short changed though - there are around 1300 dialogue files in the game.)
2. Some lines are cut in odd ways, but I can easily merge them together for the full line if you wish.
3. I can convert to .wav, .mpg, .ogg, or .aiff depending upon your preferences.

Please include the exact line and chapter of your request. I have most of the script mapped out in my head, but I will have to do a bit of searching for any particular line since they are not labeled, just numbered.

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 Hey, all. I'm just dropping in for the first time to post with a Zack and Cloud video, can either be seen as slash or platonic, it's basically angst with some survivors guilt thrown in just for Cloud.  Altogether it is just about the sacrifices these two made. Anywhoo, I'll stop rambling and post the video for your enjoyment.

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FFVII Crisis Core ingame screenshots galleries

Okay, I finally got it all done!  11 galleries of screenshots (CG and ingame) from the game Crisis Core.  All pictures are divided into chapters, are in order of appearance and are jpg files.  1709 images all together.

There is no need to credit me if you take them and use them, but I'd really appreciate it if you put a comment down below.  Come on people!  Comments are love!

All the galleries are new, as of
20th February, 2010.  Enjoy the Crisis Core goodness!


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