Crisis Core Recap: Episode 3

Here's the next entry for my recap.

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Episodes 1 & 2

Warning: Mild language, spoilers.

Previously, on FF7: Crisis Core: Zack and Tseng are investigating the hometown of Genesis Rhapsodos, deserter from SOLDIER, when Tseng runs across a fresh grave. Zack's mentor, Angeal, is also missing, so Zack goes to visit his mother's house to look for answers. . .

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Crisis Core Recap: Episodes 1 & 2

Hello! New fan here. I just discovered FF7 a couple weeks ago (I was vaguely aware of it before that, but never followed the fandom) and have become utterly enthralled. I don't have a gaming system, and as such I tend to "watch" videogames with particularly epic storylines as opposed to playing them. I've long seen them as overlooked methods of storytelling, and Final Fantasy on the whole is a glorious example of that.

So I'm starting with Crisis Core and doing recaps in "Episodes," using what I can glean from YouTube walkthroughs--mostly cutscenes, so I'm missing a handful of details I think--but I try to make it work. (I prefer the Japanese audio with English subtitles, so those are the ones I've been following.)

Just FYI: I have now watched this game through to its conclusion, so I'm not worried about spoilers, but I'm keeping the recaps with as many of my initial reactions as possible. I haven't yet seen the original FF7 or "Advent Children," so do please try not to spoil me for those two.

Warnings: Mild language, spoilers

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[help request] Sephrioth

Hola mi amigo's! I come baring a very lame confession, and a plea for help. So, lets get straight into it, shall we?

About a year ago sometime in January, I bought my first game system since the Nintendo 64 came out (I'm a casual gamer, what can I say?). It was a PSP, since I saw the value of being able to watch movies on it while who I babysat napped. So, a trip to Game Stop for a new game came into play and when I saw Crisis Core I 'le gasp'ed like a tard, because I loved the CGI when friends showed it to me. And like the legions of anime seiyuu fangirls, I'd already seen Advent Children, so was uber pumped to play it. I got all the way up to the battle with Sephiroth at Nibelheim in about 3 days (mind you, I had to stop a lot lol). Devoured the game, fell in love with the characters... got angry when I couldn't get passed Mr. Evil incarnate. After a week of trying, I gave up. (I'm kinda the 'dive head first into something' sort of gamer XP)

So, that brings us to present. Every once in a while I go back only to be defeated. Have looked up youtube videos for tips but seeing someone else play isn't quite like asking for advice. Anyone out there interested in helping a noob? lmao.
Zack Fair

Fanfiction: Rewind; Replay, Chapter 2

Title: Rewind; Replay
Chapter: 02: Maiden
Previous Chapter(s): Prologue: Goddess | 01: Mentor
Genres: Friendship/Drama
Rating: PG-13
Characters (by chapter): Aerith Gainsborough, Zack Fair, Angeal Hewley, mentions of Sephiroth, Cloud Strife, Hojo & Minerva
Spoilers/Warnings: Most of Crisis Core.
Disclaimer: Crisis Core ~Final Fantasy VII~ belongs to Square-Enix.

A/N: This story is set when Zack is on the run with Cloud, and inspired by the mail Zack receives from Kunsel after he defeats Minerva. ^^

Summary: It sounded unreal, but it wasn't. He'd been given a chance to undo everything. But there was a chance he'd never meet the lives that he'd change. Could he bear to give them all up... Even if he wouldn't even know it the next time he awoke?
Cloud - delayed reaction

What Hawaii road is that at the end of AC?

Somewhat of an odd question, but *someone* has to know: what road is Cloud seen driving down at the end of AC/C? I know that section was filmed in Hawaii (because they wanted a location with white and yellow flowers... ones that match Aerith's flowers)... but does anyone know the particular road? Or at least what island? Unless someone gives me a hint, I'm going to prowl google street view until I find it.

I'd love to drive down it someday... *hopeless fanboy*
But I've also just been wondering that ever since I saw the movie. *_*

Sorry for the x-postseseseses.
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Zack's English VA ~ Transformers (2007)

Has anyone who has ever watched Transformers (2007) ever noticed that the Sheriff [] is Zack's English voice actor, Rick Gomez?
I never noticed at first because I got into the whole FF7 series about two years after the films release. 

But after some browsing (due to boredom) of Zack's English voice actor, I was looking at where else he has been a voice actor / acted and I saw Transformers (2007) on the list.
I watched the scene from Transformers with the Sheriff and I was like "OMG It's Zack!" xD
He really sounds like Zack when he says: "Goofballs" and "What was that?". 

Check it out if you hadn't noticed before hand! x)