May 7th, 2011

Crisis Core Recap: Episodes 1 & 2

Hello! New fan here. I just discovered FF7 a couple weeks ago (I was vaguely aware of it before that, but never followed the fandom) and have become utterly enthralled. I don't have a gaming system, and as such I tend to "watch" videogames with particularly epic storylines as opposed to playing them. I've long seen them as overlooked methods of storytelling, and Final Fantasy on the whole is a glorious example of that.

So I'm starting with Crisis Core and doing recaps in "Episodes," using what I can glean from YouTube walkthroughs--mostly cutscenes, so I'm missing a handful of details I think--but I try to make it work. (I prefer the Japanese audio with English subtitles, so those are the ones I've been following.)

Just FYI: I have now watched this game through to its conclusion, so I'm not worried about spoilers, but I'm keeping the recaps with as many of my initial reactions as possible. I haven't yet seen the original FF7 or "Advent Children," so do please try not to spoil me for those two.

Warnings: Mild language, spoilers

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