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Crossover Fanfiction :: Otherworld :: Prelude

First off, hi! I'm new to the community. So, I just want to say that if this isn't allowed, I offer a thousand apologies and I will delete ASAP. But, since the story is set in the time of Crisis Core, with Sephiroth, Angeal, Genesis, and Zack major characters, I figured I would give it a try!

I'm in no way new to the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core fandom, though I mostly lurk. I'm actually quite obsessed with it according to some. Anyways, about this story. It's already posted up to chapter twelve on under my screen name It's actually quite popular with over 200 reviews, mostly positive! But, I wanted a second place so I am beginning to post here on LJ, and though I might want to post it on a community.

Enough rambling! Here it is! Crossposted just to my own journal and obviously.

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII & Inuyasha
Note: Crossover, Alternate Universe,
Pairing: Kagome/Sephiroth, Aerith/Zack, hinted Genesis/Kagome
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Drama, Humor
Rating: Teen
Summary: When Kagome is sent to a different planet instead of a different time, she doesn’t know exactly how to act, or who to trust. Sephiroth, the silver hair general that reminds her of both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, seems to want to protect her, but can she trust him? After all, he works for the company that means her ill.

Kagome hefted the battered large yellow backpack over the rim of the Bone Eater’s Well, letting it fall to the bottom with a loud ‘thump’. After five years of use, the backpack was faded and on the verge of falling apart despite the numerous patches and her best attempts at fixing the tears. However, she still used it every time she went to visit her friends in the Feudal Era, and would continue to use it until she found an acceptable replacement.

Five years to the day, Kagome could hardly believe it. It seemed like her first trip had been a lifetime ago, yet at the same time it felt like only yesterday that she was pulled into the Well by the centipede Yokai. At times, she still felt like the 9th grader she had been, but she wasn’t. She was now a 20-year-old woman in her second year of medical school. Her weeks of roaming the Feudal era were now weekend trips to see her friends.

But, today might be the end of her trips. On the other side of the well, Kouga and Kohaku were waiting for her along with the others, ready to give up their shards of the Shikon Jewel. Kouga finally decided he didn’t need his super speed to lead his tribe, and Kohaku… they weren’t sure what would happen to the young boy when the shard was removed from his back, but he admitted it was tiring him to be kept alive by the jewel shard, constantly worrying if the jewel would become tainted somehow. With their shards, the Shikon jewel would be complete and then… she didn’t know. She had tried hard not to think about it, what would be would be, but it made her pause as she sat on the Well’s rim. Would this be it? When the jewel disappeared after making her wish, would she ever be able to go back and see her friends?

She wanted to see Sango’s unborn child. She wanted to see what would develop between Inuyasha and Kikyo now that Naraku was gone and Inuyasha finally understood that she and the undead Miko were two separate women. Kagome no longer had a crush on Inuyasha. She was a modern girl, and Inuyasha would never like to live in the modern era, and she couldn’t live in the past. She needed to escape to the mall with her other friends; she wanted hot, indoor showers, TV, radio, fast food, ice cream. Besides, she had studied so hard to make up for the broken education during high school, and she succeeded! In about four, five more years, she was going to be a doctor! She wasn’t giving all that up, not for anyone no matter how much she might have loved Inuyasha.

Besides, Kikyo was much better suited for him than she was. Kikyo was calm, level headed, and didn’t get into heated arguments with Inuyasha over every little thing. And, even if Kagome did love Inuyasha, she knew that even if Inuyasha loved her back, he would always carry a torch for Kikyo. Who was she to stand in between the two?

“Argh! Enough dillydallying, Kagome!” she berated herself as she swung her other leg over the rim of the Well. “It’s time to go, there’s no point in delaying the inevitable!” With a slight push, she fell into the Well, and onto her last adventure…

Or maybe not. As soon as she started to fall, she could tell something was off. Her ‘Miko senses’ as she called them, told her something was different. Something was wrong. The purplish light was a light sea green color, and the ‘tug’ that pulled at her was stronger, almost painful.

Her feeling was proven right as she fell to the ground, her lungs burning as soon as she took her first breath. She coughed as smoke wrapped around her, and pulled up her t-shirt to cover her mouth before looking around. Where was she? Where was the well? All she could see was dark smoke lit by a full moon that appeared and disappeared as the smoke moved.

“I saw something over here!”

To her surprise, she heard someone shouting in English, which was extremely rare in the Feudal Era. But still, she needed to get out of this smoke before it did damage to her throat and lungs. Not caring who was shouting, Kagome uncovered her mouth for a moment as she stood up before shouting back.

“Help! Over here!”

“Are you with Lord Godo?” It was definitely a man who was yelling, in perfect English as well. Who was Lord Godo? Should she be sided with him?

Hoping that telling the truth wouldn’t get in her trouble, she answered “No!” She grew worried when she saw multiple red lights in the smoke, all of them in groups of threes. Were they Yokai? Was she in the past after all? She bent down and grabbed her bow out of her backpack just in case, and was ready to summon her sacred arrows when the lights came closer, revealing they were not eyes but a part of strange looking helmets.

The men wearing the helmets, however, were wielding guns that were certainly not common in the Warring States Period of Japan. “Put down the bow!” The leader commanded, and she hastily obliged when she heard clicks of the guns being primed. For an added measure, she raised her hands, trying to show she wasn’t a threat despite every breath was threatening to choke her.

“Help me, please!” she asked before she began to cough, no longer able to control the reflex. She automatically went to cover her mouth; however, the soldiers must not have seen her as a threat since one of them came over to help support her as she doubled over, gasping for breath.

“Let’s take her to General Sephiroth,” she heard the leader say quietly to his men as she was picked up and carried by the soldier that had come to her aid. The name was unfamiliar to her, but at the moment, she could only focus on trying to breath.

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