Sweetly Serrated (sweetlyserrated) wrote in _crisiscore_,
Sweetly Serrated

[help request] Sephrioth

Hola mi amigo's! I come baring a very lame confession, and a plea for help. So, lets get straight into it, shall we?

About a year ago sometime in January, I bought my first game system since the Nintendo 64 came out (I'm a casual gamer, what can I say?). It was a PSP, since I saw the value of being able to watch movies on it while who I babysat napped. So, a trip to Game Stop for a new game came into play and when I saw Crisis Core I 'le gasp'ed like a tard, because I loved the CGI when friends showed it to me. And like the legions of anime seiyuu fangirls, I'd already seen Advent Children, so was uber pumped to play it. I got all the way up to the battle with Sephiroth at Nibelheim in about 3 days (mind you, I had to stop a lot lol). Devoured the game, fell in love with the characters... got angry when I couldn't get passed Mr. Evil incarnate. After a week of trying, I gave up. (I'm kinda the 'dive head first into something' sort of gamer XP)

So, that brings us to present. Every once in a while I go back only to be defeated. Have looked up youtube videos for tips but seeing someone else play isn't quite like asking for advice. Anyone out there interested in helping a noob? lmao.

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