sokudukeh (sokudukeh) wrote in _crisiscore_,

Zack's English VA ~ Transformers (2007)

Has anyone who has ever watched Transformers (2007) ever noticed that the Sheriff [] is Zack's English voice actor, Rick Gomez?
I never noticed at first because I got into the whole FF7 series about two years after the films release. 

But after some browsing (due to boredom) of Zack's English voice actor, I was looking at where else he has been a voice actor / acted and I saw Transformers (2007) on the list.
I watched the scene from Transformers with the Sheriff and I was like "OMG It's Zack!" xD
He really sounds like Zack when he says: "Goofballs" and "What was that?". 

Check it out if you hadn't noticed before hand! x)

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