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Suzuken interview from Cloud Vol.1

Crisis Core Voice Actor Interview: Suzumura Kenichi -- From Cloud Vol.1

Translated by verlandi
Please do not reproduce without permission.

Suzumura Kenichi as Zack Fair

"Rendering the essence of performance into a shape that is close to ideal."

Playing CC during the break between interviews, Mr. Suzumura finds himself deeply impressed with the game.
He has made many discoveries by voicing Zack, more so because it is a generation where we're able to experience the FF world view in real time.
As a voice actor and an avid gamer, Mr. Suzumura has spoken candidly about his meeting with Zack.


Approaching the task with the expertise of an actor, before the formation of a miraculous partnership.

-- How do you feel about taking up the role of Zack?

Suzumura: Although I have played FFVII and had voiced for Zack in FFVII: Advent Children, this time, I was a unique situation where I had ventured into a new domain of theatrics without knowing how it will turn out. Already in the very first stage, I felt that my task transcended the understanding and interpretation of a character. It is strange to say that I had no intention to attempt to understand this character, but it struck me strongly that I was starring as a character that I have already known. Therefore, this time, no character-building had taken place. I can't decide whether this is good or bad; I have rendered this character with a theatrical approach so different from what I've done so far, such that it's difficult to put in words. On the outside, this character is said to be cheerful and optimistic...etc, but something in me says that it is not so. I understand how it is, but I can't explain it. As a voice actor, it may be the first time I've come across this kind of feeling. In another light, there are other characters whom I think are similar to this one, but when I consider my approach to this task, one thinks of whether I would come across a piece of work like this again. Anyway, as this is an experience I have not had before, and I have performed this job in a way that can be called unique at this point, I feel that in the name of theatrics I have rendered this task to a shape that is close to ideal. It is my goal to be able to bring my performance to the level of perfection that I desire by my own will and my approach, therefore this has been a very good learning experience for me as a performer. It encouraged me to work harder and made me willing to take up a role like this in the future. It feels like I have received a good piece of advice.

-- Did you receive instructions or opinions from the creative producer, Tetsuya Nomura during the recordings?

Suzumura: There wasn't anything that came directly from him. Really, there was nothing (laughs). Nomura-san was present at the recording sessions, but my impression of the voice director was much deeper. Nomura-san seemed to be cool with having different people piecing the project together with different approaches. Of course, it was a prerequisite that everything was in good order under his supervision, and under that condition, I did my part as Zack's voice actor. Afterwhich he would revise the voice tracks. That was how things worked.

-- Can you give examples of your favourite scenes in CC?

Suzumura: When I play the games whose production I participate in, I always do so with an objective perspective. Therefore, it is rare for me to be able to blend into the world view like what I have this time. "Don't be conceited!" You might tell me. But I feel that I have done a good job. In the scene where Zack talks about the sky, the line "She (Aerith) said that she is afraid to look at the sky." was the first line I've spoken while we recorded the sample video for production announcement. Therefore, this line means a lot to me and remains deep in my memories.

-- What are the features in CC you would like the fans to take note?

Suzumura: There are many. The first thing I'd like to mention in advance to everybody is that if you take too many missions, the enemies in the main story arcs will get weak, so please be careful (laughs). More, the Digital Mind Wave was such an awesome system I was touched. Aesthetics seems to be a consistent feature of series games. But the gaming system in FF changes in every installment. That's a bold move. They are making a lot of other games, but still they have to reserve "that" system for FF (laughs). Even in that regard, I am happy to have worked together with people who uphold ambitions. I would like to be vicariously motivated by that (laughs).

-- Please say a few things to FFVII fans.

Suzumura: This is a game which I can confidently recommend to you. I'm speaking as if I've made the game myself (laughs). I would definitely like you to play this game, no matter if you're only briefly acquainted with FFVII in the past. I think all of you have probably become good adults, nevertheless, I would like to say to you, thank you for waiting! I've spoken so much, while all I wanted to say is: Play it! It's a pity if you don't!

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