do they make you?

do hot boys make YOU hot?
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Do you love looking at hot boys? What a surprise! So do i!
But i hate all the rules other communities have. Here're my rules:
1. Every post must contain a pic. Every post should contain a picture; like i said, i like looking at hot boys. But if you want to ask the community a question, or even promote another community, go for it...but one more hot picture wouldn't hurt.

2. Hot actors only. No singers or models unless they have been in a film and that does not include "as themselves". Hot men only. If he's hot, i don't care if he's an actor, a singer, or a model; post his picture (this link will tell you how to add images to entries)!

3. If posting multiple pictures, please put behind lj-cut tags. Cut any pictures with any part of the male anatomy typically covered by boxers (so i can keep working on the community in class!), but other than that, go nuts! Oh, and, in your penis cuts, let us know that that's why the pics were cut. If this becomes a problem for people with slower connections, let me, cubana_sucia know and i'll deal with it.

4. Official pictures only. Paparazzi and over-the-back-fence shots are bad. If he's hot, i don't care how the picture was taken; post it!

5. Please try to post images with widths less than 500 pixels. Also, when LJ-cutting, please list who is under the cut. The bigger the picture, the better, but if you feel like putting it behind a cut to be nice, that's your prerogative. And as for listing who's under the cut? Surprise me!
in a strange twist of events, i've been absent from my precious community for almost four months. our last official theme, Just Another Love Song, was actually won by moondancerjen. however, in the four months since she won, the link to her picture broke, so i don't know what the actual winning picture was. consequently, i'm displaying the two pictures that tied for second place, though we all know in our hearts that moondancerjen is the true winner! congratulations, moondancerjen!

and congratulations, maybelater__ and cocoa_rachel!

help promote _cream_ with this simple-to-cut-and-paste code! yay!
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