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My Christmas gift to the fandom

Since I just bought a pro account on photobucket, and it's almost Christmas, and it's almost 2008, I say we CELEBRATE !!

And can you think of a better way to party than with a IMMENSELY HUGE SPN PICSPAM ??

-lots of smiling
-funny faces (hey,it's Jensen and Jared we are talking about after all !)
-eating!faces !
-mixed!(hand,arm,pen,gun,neck,etc)porn !

This totally is the picture that got me into Jensen. Not literally speaking.

I just don't have words to express how beautiful and perfect I think Jensen is.

Jared's not bad either.

But they're best when they're together.

Oh, boys.

And they have the hottest dad in town.

All the reasons to love them:

Because of the smiles:

Because of the tears:

Because of the Funny Faces of Doom !

Because of Dean's eating faces:

Because Dean is a midget:

Because of the extreme hotness:

Because they're complete artists ! They can play, dance and sing !

Because they ARE brothers:

Because of Sam's Christmas Tree:

And finally, because of this shot:

Phew ! This took almost an hour and a half ! Yes, I have a life, yay me !
Anyway, have yourself a merry little Christmas, a lovely new year and drink lots of milk w/cookies !
If you're festive and you know it, leave a comment !
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