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Gale!Bootylicious !

I have made some snapshots today and decided to gather some yummy images and do a picspam in honor of Gale's:

WARNINGS:Bootylicious ahead ! Be sure to have a bucket near at hand for drool !

(I have never quite understood what he's doing here, is he sucking at the tv ??)

So beautiful.

The hand ! The arm ! (and Justin's butt of course)

Aren't you a sweetheart ?
I Love this one, even if it's blurred.


*faints again*

*fans self* Oh god, oh god...

Are you having trouble keeping your tongue IN your mouth ?

This one is MY NEW FAVOURITE PHOTO EVER ! So cuuuute.

Angry!Brian is hott.

THAT'S THE BACK OF GOD. IT.JUST.IS. It's perfection !!

This one is wonderful as well; his hand on Justin's hip, how they are holding hands, the arm, the kiss..

MOM !!

Chocolate chip cake and Gale's back, what would YOU choose ??

How wide can he open his mouth ?! *is impressed*

Michael's story brings back definitely good memories.

I love them together ! I want moar Brian/Ben !

Let's see some action.


*DED* *resuscitate* *drinks a glass of water to calm down* *bursts spontaneously into flames*

And, last but not least, just so that you can DIE HAPPILY:

whew ! That was long and hot ! My favourite !

As usual, if you're happy and you know it leave a comment !
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