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nah i'm too fucking awesome

too crazy for names.
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

1. For the application subject put "ahh".
2. Post your survey regular, but put your pictures behind a cut!
3. If you join the community you have to apply within 48 hours or you will be deleted from the member list. =]
4. You are only allowed to comment on YOUR post.
5. Don't withdraw your application.
6. If you can't handle a few no's, please don't apply. We Are Honest.
7. You WILL be accepted or rejected within 2-3 days.

Rules For Accepted Members
1. Be as mean as you want, this is a rating community.
2. Promoting is OK but please put it behind a cut.
3. Put your vote in the subject line please
4. Put "Stamped" in the post subject line if you are stamped.
5. No "Undecided" votes, kinda throws things off, if you don't have a final decision after a day or so, don't vote on that application.
6. This community is NOT about being "hot", don't base your vote on looks.

10 Favorite bands:
Who do you think is the Worst band ever:
Are you Crazaay? Why?
Do you think you're hott?
Where did you hear about us?
What do you like most about you?
Finish the following sentences
I can't leave home without:
I'm hot enough for this community because:
The Mods of _crazylike_ahh are:
I hate people who:
The craziest thing I've ever done was:

A 150x150 of yourself:

Promote us to at least 2 communities!! proof:

3 pictures of yourself:
and if you have, 2 pictures of your CRAZAY self:

Have fun. craaazy kids.

title or descriptionSherri_mr_electric
title or descriptionSonja_flashemergency

Crazay Accepted Members
title or descriptionJasminexjunkiegurlx
title or descriptionBruceb_ruce
title or descriptionAshleyleavem3_falling
title or descriptionErikaterminalove
title or descriptionLaceyoh_so_trash
title or descriptionJennika_deadlykiss
title or descriptionDaniellefuck_the_stereo
title or descriptionChelcy_chelcy_
title or descriptionLaurencall_me_muffin
title or descriptionDrulook_its_jesus
title or descriptionMikecat_factory
title or descriptionFelishasuck_my_k1ss
title or descriptionBrittanyshokshokrobot
title or descriptionChantelx_chantel
title or descriptionJessicaputtherosedown
title or descriptionShaneshanesarobot
title or descriptionKaylaconexdomexcore
title or descriptionMarissaelectrickissing
title or descriptionxrustedembrace
title or descriptionAmbershekills_xxx
title or descriptionCorey_get_fucked_
title or descriptionDezcamirhodes
title or description Brittanykiss_kiss__bang
title or descriptionTanya___violencexoxo
title or descriptionRoxeannefor_keeps_ache
title or descriptionAymicrimson_tearsx
title or descriptionDeniblack_dr3sses
title or descriptionJodi_say_goodbye_
title or descriptionSierra_xfuckxoffx_
title or descriptionRachelrachelrogers37
title or descriptionMegs__megs_0x
title or descriptionAshleighbostoninthefall
title or descriptionChantaltonightwekiss
title or descriptionTinab3nt_n_brok3n

title or description