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_craptastic's Journal

Craptastically Inclined
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All Members , Moderated
ziggy27stardust: This is Craptastic.
Soundgirl31: An online compilation of aim conversation.
ziggy27stardust: Please, no off-topic posting.
Soundgirl31: Please, no feminine hygiene products.
ziggy27stardust: Remember to keep all pets on proper restraints.
Soundgirl31: Turn off all cell phones.
ziggy27stardust: Keep arms and legs inside the moving vehicle at all times.
Soundgirl31: Approximate waiting time for this ride is: 45 minutes.
ziggy27stardust: Enjoy your stay.
Soundgirl31: Slow Children at Play
ziggy27stardust: Be kind, please rewind.
Soundgirl31: Trying is Lying.
ziggy27stardust: huh?
ziggy27stardust: WTF are you talking about.
ziggy27stardust: hahaha.
Soundgirl31: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Soundgirl31: i have no idea.
ziggy27stardust: anyway, post away.

All posts subject to approval by moderator.
Moderator: ziggy27stardust
1984, 2 live crew, 27, 3 way lightbulbs, 666, a clockwork orange, aa meetings, aim, andy kaufman, andy warhol, antennae, ashtrays, atari 2600, barcaloungers, bob saget, bottlerockets, bums, burritos, candles, candy, cardboard boxes, charles bukowski, chut up, conversations, corn on the cob, crap, craptasm, craptastic, creepshow, crispin glover, cups, dave coulier, dickies, dishwashers, donnie darko, dragons, drainpipes, dustin diamond, earwax, eavesdropping, exhaust pipes, exotic cars, fall out boy, family circus, far out man, felix the cat, fids, fish tanks, flags, forks, france, frank zappa, full house, fur coats, gay midgets, golf pencils, granola, guitars, hair, heathens, hermaphrodites, hitch hikers, humor, itchy & scratchy, jaleel white, jellybeans, jimmy carter, keychains, kids in the hall, kill bill, killing fred durst, king missile, knives, lawn gnomes, leather wallets, legos, lionel, llamas, lou reed, malcolm mcdowell, matchbook collections, mechanical pencils, mein kampf, mink stole, miss america, mods, motel hell, mullets, nail clippers, nipple clamps, number of the beast, omg, outstanding, overweight midgets, paddle ball, paint it black, party of five, peepees, peta, phone jacks, pimples, pink flamingos, polyester, professor frink, queensryche, r. lee ermey, rakes, rico suave, ronald reagan, roots, rubbing alcohol, sand, scrambled eggs, screwdrivers, shoelaces, shotglasses with state names, silly putty, slayer, sledgehammers, slint, smashing pumpkins, smurfs, snails, snake the cellphone game, space heaters, spools, springs, stamps, steve urkel, talking shit, tattoos, the causey way, the clapper, the doors, the factory, the frogs, thunder, toadies, tom waits, towers, troma, vanilla ice, vespa, waxwork, webcam girls, wesley willis, wheat is murder, wtf, zelda, zieg heil