laser beam

just a little wu tang.





of course it is he was in the wu-tang clan

yes, jay-z

yeah, but i heard that ghostface killah is doing some r&b shit

that's because

he got soft

i don't need no r&b shit


and you're not allowed to call him that anymore

he's just "ghost" or "ghostface" now.

he made a public announcement

because he doesn't want his name associated with violence.



which...goes directly against the Shaolin Way of the Wu Tang

i'm disappointed.

haha, i like wu tang because

not only are they really good


their whole image is based on the Chinese Tang dynasty and Taoist Shaolin monks.

this is the best conversation between two white girls that has ever happened.


i feel like we hold the record for most of them

so you have five black men from the ghetto

rapping about being samurais

and conquering the streets via ancient warfare.

i don't know how anyone couldn't think that's amazing.

ahhaha so much amazing



they just came out with a new album too

it's crazy

crazy like a fox

brb laundry dryerness

yeah it's a little like a fox


back from the dead

D4N4SCULLYFB1: if that were my kid
D4N4SCULLYFB1: she'd never see the light of fucking day.
D4N4SCULLYFB1: ever.
LifeInRepitition: yea, you're oddly old fashioned for your liberal exterior
D4N4SCULLYFB1: until she's 25 and could rent a car.
D4N4SCULLYFB1: hahahaha.
D4N4SCULLYFB1: hahaha like.
D4N4SCULLYFB1: I'm not out there like people think I am
D4N4SCULLYFB1: a lot of people like me
LifeInRepitition: you're like mrs. beaver wrapped inside tank girl
D4N4SCULLYFB1: aren't the way people expect them to be
D4N4SCULLYFB1: hahahhahaa.
D4N4SCULLYFB1: that's an awesome way of putting it.


TurbulentFactor:  don't know if a standard muumuu could drape all that hate.
annethelonious: i hate when you talk about muumuus.
annethelonious: i really do.
annethelonious: i don't feel like i deserve one.
annethelonious: i don't think i am obese.
annethelonious: apparently, you think so.
annethelonious: please do not talk any more of muumuus, just say, "Kelly, I think you're a fat bitch."
annethelonious: because that's what i hear when you say the word muumuu. to me.
TurbulentFactor: no i think you're a lovely young lady
annethelonious: i think we should not speak of muumuus any longer.
annethelonious: they're wearing thin. and for muumuus, that's a dangerous thing.
annethelonious: very dangerous.
TurbulentFactor: touched a nerve there
TurbulentFactor: I'll never do it again. It is contrary to what i actually think anyway.
annethelonious: you don't just touch nerves, you pluck them from people with pliers.
annethelonious: that's cruelty. that's what i'm talking about.
TurbulentFactor: So I should Keep Talking about that particular article of clouthing at length
TurbulentFactor: Well i'll suggest you wear some different article of apparel than. Any Preferences.
annethelonious: human flesh suit
annethelonious: like catwoman attire, but human skin
annethelonious: and a belt that is studded with tetanus-laced copper spikes, sharp and serrated like sharks' teeth
TurbulentFactor: I was thinking more along the lines of a hat of some kind. Made from more conventional materials.
annethelonious: that works too

(no subject)

i3lacklyght: ok
michele shock: hahahahahsdhaha.
i3lacklyght: so long
michele shock: hahah THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.
michele shock: hahahahahasdhkjad see ya.
i3lacklyght: HAHAHA
i3lacklyght: ooh snap!

(no subject)

unmoving angels (12:00:02 AM): One of the strings got stuck in the hole, too.
unmoving angels (12:00:07 AM): So that took forever to get out.
ChrisMcCreaRules (12:00:09 AM): that's what she said
unmoving angels (12:00:28 AM): Yeah see that might've work had I said "one of the things" or maybe "one of them"
ChrisMcCreaRules (12:00:39 AM): shut up
unmoving angels (12:00:39 AM): But I don't know many girls who put strings in their assorted holes.
ChrisMcCreaRules (12:00:43 AM): tampons
ChrisMcCreaRules (12:00:45 AM): have strings
unmoving angels (12:01:01 AM): Yeah but you don't put the string in first, now do you?
ChrisMcCreaRules (12:01:08 AM): hence it being a problem
unmoving angels (12:01:15 AM): Hm.
unmoving angels (12:01:18 AM): Touché
ChrisMcCreaRules (12:01:19 AM): haha
unmoving angels (12:01:24 AM): You pulled victory out of nowhere for that one.
ChrisMcCreaRules (12:01:27 AM): hahaha

(no subject)

michele shock: dude
michele shock: spiders freak me right the fuck out.
michele shock: they're cool in theory
michele shock: but they're fucking scary.
michele shock: and one of the ones in backyard had built a perfect web.
michele shock: but I hosed it nonetheless.
xDieEmoBoyx: ha there are only two poisonous ones in fl that can kill you
michele shock: brown recluse and black widow?
xDieEmoBoyx: widows and lecuses
xDieEmoBoyx: yeah
michele shock: well I don't care.
michele shock: they looked at me funny.
xDieEmoBoyx: and the recluse takes a long time
michele shock: x 8

(no subject)

HeatedSalmon: Thank you for participating in this Salmon Science Enrichment and Communications Development Center activity. Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper.
HeatedSalmon signed off at 12:50:45 PM.
HeatedSalmon signed on at 12:50:45 PM.
ChrisMcCreaRules: wat

(no subject)

ChrisMcCreaRules: i'll just have to beast it up and go to work
unmoving angels: BE A MAN
unmoving angels: ( HULK )
ChrisMcCreaRules: i kick the hulks ass
ChrisMcCreaRules: like every morning
unmoving angels: Wrong Hulk.
ChrisMcCreaRules: oh
ChrisMcCreaRules: well i was just using it as a euphamism for masturbation anyways
unmoving angels: Heh. Nice.

on indian cuisine

killtheadlights: my mom is obsessed with chicken curry
killtheadlights: she buys it at least once a week.
killtheadlights: and then cooks it, too.
killtheadlights: curry makes you poop, too, doesn't it?
annethelonious: not me
annethelonious: but perhaps another.
annethelonious: i eat a lot of curry though
annethelonious: at least i was
killtheadlights: it's tasty
annethelonious: i know.
annethelonious: mrow.
killtheadlights: hahah
killtheadlights: curry is HOT
killtheadlights: AND SPICY
annethelonious: AND BARELY LEGAL
killtheadlights: LITERALLY SPEAKING
killtheadlights: haha
annethelonious: SO WET AND READY
killtheadlights: OH MY GOD.
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