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Just Let Me Dance

For Real Dancers
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All Members , Moderated
For Real Dancers means Real Dancers. for those who take dance as more than just a hobby or after school activity, but as the art and life it is. Also, dance is more than just pointe. Remember tap, jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, hip hop, etc.

1. talk about dance
2. share tips for diets, form, technique, etc.
3. post dance pictures (if they are big or there are a lot of them please put under a cut)
4. post dance icons
5. ask questions about dance related stuff
6. be nice to everyone

1. post any nudity at all
2. use offensive languange (swearing is ok to an extent)
3. be rude
4. advertise other communities (but if u must.. put it under a cut titled "community ad")
5. create drama
6. tYpE lYkE tHiSs !!!!!!11111one

If you violate any rules you have one warning and 24 hours to change it or the post will be deleted. I, the Moderator, (kissykisss1) reserve the right to delete any posts i find offensive or are an obvious violation of the rules 24 hours after a warning is given. Don't complain about it. If you had read the rules, and followed them, your post wouldn't have been deleted.

ok so once u join u must fill this out:

Years Dancing:
Types of dance you take:
Favorite type of dance to dance:
Favorite type of dance to watch:
Favorite song to dance to:
Favorite move:

-:Answer these questions:-
Where do you plan on doing with your dance?:
In your opinion, is dance a sport?:
What is your opinion about cheerleaders in regards to dance?:
Do you ever find yourself walking around any place and not notice yourself dancing?:

so that's all i got for now.... if you have any questions/comments/problems e-mail me at notgonnastoptalkin@yahoo.com