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Name: Sim
Years Dancing: over 9
Studio: Dance Venture
Types of dance you take: Ballet (pointe), used to do jazz but quit 2 years ago
Favorite type of dance to dance: All but i hate pointe
Favorite type of dance to watch: Ballet and contempry
Favorite song to dance to: Anything, it basically depends what sort of dancing.
Favorite move: Pirouettes because sometimes you spin so fast you just dont think.

-:Answer these questions:-
Where do you plan on doing with your dance?: I dont think I'm good enough to make it professionally.
In your opinion, is dance a sport?: Yes. If you think dancing it's only because you cant.
What is your opinion about cheerleaders in regards to dance?: It depends what they do, if it's stuff you see in bring it on then yes but if its on the sidelines waving pompoms than no.
Do you ever find yourself walking around any place and not notice yourself dancing?: yes. specially supermarket. does anyone sle do that or am i just weird?
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