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Name: Eileen
Years Dancing: 12
Studio: Arlington Dance Theatre, in Virginia.
Types of dance you take: Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop
Favorite type of dance to dance: Jazz or Hip Hop
Favorite type of dance to watch: Ballet
Favorite song to dance to: "one song glory" - rent (i know it's not really jazz or hip hop, but it's lyrical & it's our audition piece for solos this year)
Favorite move: fuete *probably spelled wrong* turns.

-:Answer these questions:-
Where do you plan on doing with your dance?: i would love to become a teacher, for the younger classes, like 4 or 5? i love working with little kids, and if i could pass on dance to a new generation, it'd be great. <33
In your opinion, is dance a sport?: yeah. it requries a lot of committment, pyshical ability, and focus. so yes.
What is your opinion about cheerleaders in regards to dance?: i was a cheerleader for 4 years, i really don't think the two are very comparable. cheerleading competitions are MUCH different then dance competitions. but if cheerleaders are happy, then they're happy.
Do you ever find yourself walking around any place and not notice yourself dancing?: haha, yeah. story of my life. <33
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