Lemon Juice (kissykisss1) wrote in _count_to_eight,
Lemon Juice

i've been wanting to put this in here forever..... but i've been busy. sry.

the best christmas presents i got this year:

1. a rap written by my friend (ok u have to knw her to get how this is amazing)
2. Marisol (it's an american girl doll.... she's the dancer one) and her tap and ballet outfit
3. one of those little ipod players for my room (b/c my ipod has so many dents from when i was dancing with it in my ears and went to turn and it flew off and hit something)
4. not having to wear my pointe shoes, w/the toe pads that r so worn there is no gel where my big toe is, at the last pointe class b4 break

yes, you knw ur a dance dork when these r ur favorite christmas presents

i just felt like sharing that with y'all

happy new year!
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