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so awhile (alright, about 2 months) ago i posted the following.......


ok here is a question for ya'll.....

what do you consider dancing professionally?

after i get some answers i'll let ya'll know why i asked.....


and due to some unfortunate circumstances i was never able to get back to this and let ya'll know why i asked, but know that life has finished kiciking me in the rear i am able to get caught up with everything again.

anyhoo, the reason i asked is that i am always hearing things such as "well my teacher is a proffesional because she is getting paid to teach us"  or my favorite (note the sarcasm) "oh well i am a professional dancer" (this out of the mouth of a 13 year old dance student).  and don't get me wrong yes some teachers are professional dancers as well, but to me (and most of the professional dance world)  you ARE NOT a professional if you are just a teacher or a teachers aid.  to be a professional you have to actually be in a company or on broadway or in the rockettes, etc.  and i am sorry if this was not the most tactful way of putting things however i really just wanted to get other peoples take on this subject as well.

so THANKS!!!

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