March 12th, 2008

Beauty and the Beast Love Story

Finally had time to post an intro :)

Name: Erica
Years Dancing: 17
Studio: Pacific Ballet Academy
Types of dance you take: Ballet
Favorite type of dance to dance: Jazz
Favorite type of dance to watch: Lyrical
Favorite song to dance to: Hmm, Evanescence's "Whisper"
Favorite move: Fouette

-:Answer these questions:-
Where do you plan on doing with your dance?: I do it for fun now.  Being a career dancer wasn't my goal
In your opinion, is dance a sport?: More of an art, if you ask me
What is your opinion about cheerleaders in regards to dance?: I'm a cheerleader too so I really don't have any negative opinions.  The thing that takes some getting used to is how cheer dance routines are sharp and not fluid like I'm used to doing when I do hip-hop
Do you ever find yourself walking around any place and not notice yourself dancing?: Ha, ha, yes :)