January 20th, 2008


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Name: Lizz
Years Dancing: 11
Studio: Ferrara Dance
Types of dance you take: Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop
Favorite type of dance to dance: It changes, depending on what I'm working on.  Right now, tap.
Favorite type of dance to watch: Anything that makes me feel...I do a lot of "So You Think You Can Dance" watching.
Favorite song to dance to: Walkin On Sunshine - JLo.  Or anything by Janet Jackson.
Favorite move: To do...heel and toe work in tap.  To watch...leaps and jumps and things.

-:Answer these questions:-
Where do you plan on doing with your dance?: I want to become a set designer, and I'd love to be able to design sets for dance companies and such, and it would definitely help to be a dancer.
In your opinion, is dance a sport?: Yes.  And an art.
What is your opinion about cheerleaders in regards to dance?:  There are some very talented cheerleaders, but cheering is not always dancing and not all cheerleaders can dance.  But not all dancers can cheer, either.
Do you ever find yourself walking around any place and not notice yourself dancing?:  Absolutely.