Spring cleaning 2014! Lots of wigs for sale, most just for $10.00 each!

All wigs are priced as listed. Sorry, no international shipping. I will only ship within the United States. Shipping will be done by USPS. Each wig is individually priced. Please add on $3.50 for shipping to the price of the wig. If you wish to purchase shipping confirmation, please add $2.00 more (this is optional). I will be happy to combine shipping if multiple wigs are purchased. Paypal only. No holds. I do not do trades. These prices are not negotiable. All wigs comes from a smoke-free home and are in like-new or new condition. Most wigs come from ebay, so I do not know if they are heat resistant or what kind of fibers they are. I have a few Arda-Wigs for sale as well. Once payment is made, the wig will be shipped out within 48 hours of a business day. I will notify you once the wig is shipped out. If you are interested, please PM me or email me at tsukeruu(at)gmail[dot]com.

To view all side views: http://s917.photobucket.com/user/tsukeru/library/Wigs?sort=4&page=1

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Cosplays of my favorite RPGMaker Horror Games.

Hi guys! I'm new to this community :) nice to meet you all!

I'm not sure if this is allowed or not (admins - if not, please let me know and I'll delete the post!). But I would love to share with you me & my friends' cosplay photoshoots of two of our favorite RPGMaker horror games - namely, The Witch's House and Ao Oni.

Harmony/myself as Ellen | tehcrayonofdoom as Viola
Photography by Peppanda and rayfy_chan

Harmony/myself as Takuro (Version 6) | tehcrayonofdoom as Hiroshi | headdeskben as Takeshi | arlo_arleh as Mika | t8_steve as The Oni
Photography by Icie, Collin and Planeswalkerlx

Click here to see the rest of the photos

If you decide to leave a comment, please comment in my entry, not in this post :( I would appreciate it!

Thanks very much! Hope you enjoy!

~ Harmony
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Three Arda-Wigs for sale!

I am trying to sell some wigs. I have way too many. Three below are Arda-Wigs. I only ship within the USA. I only accept Paypal. All wigs are priced below + $3.50 for shipping. If you would like shipping confirmation, please include an extra $.75 cents. Most wigs ships within 3-5 business days. All wigs come from a smoke-free home. I will not hold wigs. All must sell asap!

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Yay! Cosplay sale!

*I accept paypal only!
*Shipping is from California
*Items come from a smoke-free home and are washed!
*I have several cats but these were kept out of their reach!
*Also I would like to note that I'm 5'7/170cm
**Please contact me via email!!**

Hello hi everyone! I'm trying to sell a few cosplay items and I'm hoping some people will be willing to buy them~

I'm selling these because these didn't really work out for me! Either they were too short or too big or the character didn't fit me as well as I thought. ;w;

Cosplays + info are under the cut!

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For sale t-shirts $5.00 a piece Serenity, Buffy, Star Wars, the Guild

Hi I have several t-shirts that I no longer wear and I am selling them for $5.00 a piece :)  Shipping will depend on the number of shirts you buy and wear you live but I can ship pretty cheap in a bubble wrap or 5.95 priority shipping for one shirt and 11.95 for two shirts to ten shirts.  Thanks for looking :) Again they are $5.00 a piece plus shipping.  Sizes range from Adult XL, l, or M to Juniors XXL, XL, M.  Check out the shirts here:


Wigs for sale. All must go!

I've accumulated too many wigs once again. All of the following must go. All are under $30.00 + shipping. Please supply me with the wig number and your zip code once you inquire about a wig. I will figure out individual shipping for each of these wigs. If you get more then one wig, I will combine shipping. I will also ship international. I will not hold wigs for more then 24 hours. All wigs must go. I also do not do trades. Paypal only please. Thanks!

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For more angles and pictures of the followings, please go to:


I'm a bit new to this but um...Hello! I'm selling some wigs and other things to raise money for a very important trip this summer!

Some notable things I'm selling are:
  • A wig for Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • A wig for Megpoid GUMI from Vocaloid

I'm also selling some anime related merchandise as well! \( ; u ;)/

Please have a look at this entry if you're interested! And I can negotiate on things as well!