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- Join the community in order to post!
- Please place your application and pictures under a LJ cut. Go here if you do not know how.
- Put "It's a Chocobo!!!" as the lj-cut so I know you read the rules.
- Cosplay pictures are for stamped members only. No cosplay in the application please. ^_^
- You are only to reapply once and after a week if you are not happy with your results.
- Nobody under 13 please. We respect LJ rules. ^_^
- If an application does not follow the rules than a mod will comment and warn the person to change it. After two days if the application isn't changed, it will be deleted.
- Applications must get at least 10 or more votes to be stamped.

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- Do not try to vote on looks alone. Read the application...it isn't that long. Don't just vote "Aeris" because the person before you voted "Aeris". It's not a problem to vote on the same person, just have your own opinion! ^_^
- Be nice. If you can't be nice, you'll get a warning. If you do it again, you're banned. No ifs, ands or buts.
- Once you're stamped, don't forget to vote! Other people would like to be stamped too. ^_^
- To make things easier on the mods to count votes, either bold your vote in the comment box...or leave your vote in the subject line. Thanks!

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_cosmo_canyon_ would like it's members to be as active as possible. You don't have to put anything or post anything...just vote if you wish. For people who are already stamped you may post anything you want to. Please be considerate however. We don't want to see 20 million pictures on a single post! Don't be a butt. Lj-cut.

\\ Cosplay pictures are allowed after you are stamped. (More than 2 pictures MUST be under a lj-cut and marked as "stamped" on the subject line.)
\\ Pictures in general. (More than 2 pictures MUST be under a lj-cut and marked as "stamped" on the subject line.)
\\ Discussions of Final Fantasy are allowed. Anything about the game, or questions you might have ... ask away. However, if it's a spoiler, please Lj-cut it.
\\ Promotions for other communities are allowed, but only once a week. However, multiple promotion banners are allowed for a single post! ^_^
\\ We'd like you guys to simply have fun. ^-^


If you need a reference on the characters, look at the stamps!

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Copyrights! (Because we love them so much! ^_^)

We cannot take any credit for any of the artwork from FF found here at _cosmo_canyon_. Squaresoft/SquareEnix holds complete credit to the FF artwork. We, on the other hand, take complete credit for the graphics put on the artwork. Character banners were made by irishreilly87 & morbidvixen06, and Community Banners were made by irishreilly87, morbidvixen06 & coppercat.

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