New FF rating

To any still around and interested in a Final Fantasy rating, I've recently made a community since all of the FF ratings have been dying. You can be rated as any of the characters from all of the games and we're brand new!

Check out chocobo_stamps.

Update / Mod

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I finally got people stamped, however, these people still need/appreciate more votes.





Also stick has just put up her application. So go vote on it so she can be stamped. I'd appreciate it. ^__^

Also, I'm going to finish up the new character stamps and I'm also adding new characters and taking some old ones down, the ones that are really never used, such as Elena. I'll update when I'm done with that.

I'm going to be adding some characters from Advent Children and Final Fantasy XII. So those are some new things that will be happening and changing in the community.

I'd also like to thank strayingsoul for helping out with the community when I couldn't. I really appreciate it. ^_^

Any questions? Leave a comment. Thanks guys.