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Can a Heart Still Break Once it Stopped Beating?

Fans Of Corpse Bride

Your 1st Official Corpse Bride Community
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Corpse Bride is Tragic Undead Victorian Love

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The Community
This is a community for Tim Burton fans, especially for those looking forward to his new movie Corpse Bride, which is coming soon!
This Community Isn't Strict on rules but Here a Couple Guidelines to Follow:
1)Keep Spoilers Behind Cuts (cause some people don't want their movie spoiled and other just MUST know. So it's better to keep it linked.
2)Promoting Is Allowed - Of Any Kind (meaning: Tim Burton Related, Danny Elfman related, johnny depp related, u can promote any merchandise u have/make etc.)
but if for another Community we ask you to either:
A) ask to be an Affiliate Somewhere in your Post or
B) Pormote us on your Page.

3)We Are open to opinions, but if things Get out of Hand we're gonna have to Delete The Entry and if there's a Constant Problem Delete You =( Not Cool, Hope It never comes to That!

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