Ok, so I know how to sniff a faker when I see one. I knew from her movies being "Scary Movie 3, Titanic, and spongebob Square Pants!!!" that she was fake. Sure enough, I went to kitkatgirl2's journal, and she didn't have any friends, one post, and not really anything in her newly made journal. Plus, she left a comment on that prank post from a loooooooong time ago, saying "I know who the prankers are". Which, now that I think about it, I think the original pranker was kitkatgirl or something. Anyways, you can carry on. Oh, and do the theme!


dear theunretrofied

the story behind the name?
basically i was in the city with some friends and one of them did my hair real was raining and i didn't want to mess it up cause she worked so hard on it so i wrapped my shirt around my head like a turban. she's called me taliban tina ever since and that was over a year that's what mostly everyone calls me and i kinda like it.