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-About You

+ Alias {-That means name- My name is Keyne.
+ Age- I would be 15.
+ Gender- Female.
+ Men, Women, or both?- Ohhh, I thought at first this was a repeat of the 3rd question, but now I understand. Ha. I like men.
+ Location- Pennsylvania.
+ What are the people like there?My dad is upstairs screaming because the Steelers are losing.
+ You taken? Let's see a pic I do not have a significant other, thanks for reminding me.
+ 3 favorite movies- hm.. princess bride, independance day...back to the future. (i'm going to stop with the caps, its starting to annoying me)
+ Things that make you happy- sarris candy, fairly oddparents, music, ben&jerry's, falling asleep on the phone, going to the movies and sitting in the middle of the aisle, being completely random, staying up late with friends, other cool things like that.
+ Describe your personality.- this could take all day. hm. i'm cool. i'm random. i like to think i'm funny. i think that i'm better than everyone at everything, even though its not true.. but i like having the confidence to go around telling people that. i care about my friends. i cry very easily, even though i don't mean to. sometimes sad movies just start me bawling. i'm not very shy, i'm pretty outgoing. i don't know. there's someother stuff too, i suppose.


+ Pick one favorite band, and your favorite album by that band- Brand New; your favorite weapon.
+ Eight to ten other favorite bands/artists- uh. all american rejects, alkaline trio, backstreet boys (gotta love 'em) fall out boy, just surrender, u2, the police, thats seven but i cant think of anything else. i like to listen to showtunes, i dont have many favorite bands.
+ What say you about David Bowie?- uh. i say, something?
+ Marilyn Manson?- once i got him confused with marilyn monroe. people laughed at me.

-Anything to say about...

+ Stars- {{YES, THE ONES IN THE GODDAMN SKY}}i wish on them sometimes. i feel that the best way to make your wish come true is to repeat it three times. sometimes it works.
+ Drugs/drinking- hey, if it works for you, go ahead and do it.
+ Religion- believe whatever you want. i'm catholic, myself, but i won't stop you from believing what you want to.
+ Sushi- ewies.


+ Do you think you look good?- nope, not really.
+ Why do you want to join this community?- because i'm really bored... but if you don't accept me it's no biggie. i don't even know if it's still thriving or not.
+ Who would win between Sephiroth and Darth Vader?- i would.
+ Promote us in your journal and your lj info. Give us the link.- i'll promote if i get in, i'm too lazy to now.
+ 3 or more Pictures (at least two clear ones of your face)- i'm too ashamed to do that. i'll give you my myspace though?
One 200x200(or approx) picture for the member's page

oh yeah, definitely.

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